Where is serial number on Sage rods?

Where is serial number on Sage rods?

butt section
The serial number on your Sage rod is located on the butt section of the blank, directly opposite of the Sage silk screen. Above the cork handle, locate the silk screen that shows the Sage logo that indicates the length and line weight.

Where are Sage fly rod blanks?

Bainbridge Island
All Sage rods are made at our manufacturing facility on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state, USA.

Does Sage have a warranty?

Sage’s lifetime warranty is a lifetime, original owner warranty that covers repair or replacement for any manufacturer defect of your Sage rod, blank, or reel. This warranty does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or any other type of damage resulting from the use of your Sage product.

How do I return a broken Sage fly rod?

If you are returning a rod, please return the entire rod, including the broken part(s), in a cardboard box, or use packaging affording an equal degree of protection. We suggest bubble-wrap or packaging paper. Please do not send in your original Sage rod tube.

Where is the serial number on an Orvis rod?

Find the rod’s manufacture date, the four-digit month/year code printed above the grip, just below the rod label.

Where are Orvis fly rods made?

the USA
Orvis fly rods require no introduction. Most are still made here in the USA and feature their un-conditional 25-year guarantee!

Are Redington Reels any good?

Redington is a great company for a few reasons: they make a good product, their prices are reasonable, and they have a great warranty program. If you are trying to be a bit more budget conscious, we highly recommend looking at Redington’s line-up, since it checks lots of boxes.

How long is sage warranty?

twenty-four months
Sage reserves the right to assert compensation for damages subject to the statutory requirements. The warranty period is twenty-four months as of delivery. Warranty periods for some products are longer than the statutory period.

Who has the best fly rod warranty?

The Orvis 25-Year Fly Fishing Rod guarantee means we fix your broken fly rod. If we can’t fix it, Orvis replaces it, no questions asked. We were the first fly rod company in the world to offer a guarantee, and it is still the best.

Do Orvis rods have serial numbers?

Some Orvis rods have a serial #, some a born-on date and other have neither. No serial number is needed for warranty work. It’s as easy as calling (800) 778-4778.