How many questions are there in the 11+ Maths?

How many questions are there in the 11+ Maths?

50 questions
The GL Maths exam paper typically contains 50 questions to be completed in under 50 minutes. These are often multiple choice questions and cover the following topics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

How difficult is the 11 plus exam?

The 11 plus is one of the most difficult tests a year 5/6 child can face and without support and a planned approach it will almost be impossible to pass. Find online or paper based 11plus mock tests. Do one 11plus mock test. Mark the test or if online submit it for automatic marking.

What tests are in the 11+?

There are four main subjects tested in 11 Plus exams: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths, and English. The combination of the subjects varies across the grammar schools and the layout of the papers and length of examinations also varies across different areas and exam boards.

What should I know for 11+ Maths?

Topics included in the 11+ Maths Curriculum

  • Number and place value.
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Fractions, percentages, decimals.
  • Ratio and proportion.
  • Algebra.
  • Measurement.
  • Geometry (properties and position of shapes, co-ordinates)
  • Statistics.

When should I take 11+?

The 11+ is a selective entrance examination for secondary school, used by both state-funded grammar schools and many private schools to identify the most academically-able children. The exam is taken towards the end of Year 5 or beginning of Year 6 of primary school.

What topics do you need to know for the 11+?

11 Plus Mathematics

  • The 4 basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Fractions.
  • Decimals.
  • Money.
  • Metric system.
  • Time.
  • Prime numbers.
  • Prime factors.