What should you bring to Coachella?

What should you bring to Coachella?

Coachella Essential #1 – Camelbak.

  • Coachella Essential #2 – Cheap Sunglasses.
  • Coachella Essential #3 – Sunscreen.
  • Coachella Essential #4 – Chapstick.
  • Coachella Essential #5 – Earplugs.
  • Coachella Essential #6 – Portable Phone Charger.
  • Coachella Essential #7 – Battery Case.
  • Coachella Essential #8 – Hand Sanitizer.
  • What can you not bring to Coachella?

    Things You Can’t Bring to Coachella

    • Aerosol Products/Aerosol Cans.
    • Air Horns.
    • Audio Recording Devices.
    • Bicycles, Skates, Scooters or Skateboards.
    • Chairs or Coolers.
    • Detachable Lens Cameras.
    • Drones or Remote Control Aircraft, Cars or Toys.
    • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia.

    How do you survive Coachella?

    21 Tips to Survive Your First Time at Coachella

    1. Get there on Thursday morning.
    2. Take all the food you think you’ll need.
    3. Fill your boot / trunk with drink.
    4. Make friends with your neighbours.
    5. Be generous and kind.
    6. Refine your packing list.
    7. Plan your outfits.
    8. Pick up a copy of the Coachella magazine.

    How do you stay cool at Coachella?

    Coachella Festival is absolutely scorching….Here are ten ways to stay cool at one of the hottest festivals in the world.

    1. Have a cold shower every morning.
    2. Hang out in the covered tents.
    3. Recharge your phone.
    4. Escape your tent.
    5. Drink ice-cold smoothies.
    6. Buy ice and water.
    7. Get a tarpaulin for your campsite.
    8. Just chill.

    What is car camping at Coachella?

    Simply stated, car camping is camping/staying in and around your car. At Coachella, there is space designated for people to park and set up an area to stay. While this area is described as an “oasis” for guests, it is more “roughing it” than “five-star luxury.”

    Can you bring pepper spray to Coachella?

    Weapons of any kind, including guns, ammo, pocket knives, tasers, pepper spray/mace, and off-duty law enforcement concealed carry permits.

    Does Coachella get cold at night?

    The desert valley of Coachella in Southern California offers hot and dry weather all year round. As typical for desert climates, it does cool down at night. Even though days are warm in winter as well, it can get as cold as 43°F at night in January.

    Is Coachella hot?

    In Coachella, the summers are sweltering and arid, the winters are cool, and it is mostly clear year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 40°F to 107°F and is rarely below 32°F or above 112°F.

    How do you stay cool at a music festival?

    How To Stay Cool During Extreme Heat At A Music Festival

    1. STAY HYDRATED! Probably the most important rule of the bunch as being hydrated and having water with you will make a world of difference.
    2. Find Some Shade.
    3. Invest In A Portable Cooling Product.
    4. Wear Light, Breathable Clothing.
    5. Take A Break.