What is J-Lube powder used for?

What is J-Lube powder used for?

J-Lube is a concentrated, non-irrrating powder that dissolves easily in water to form an obstetrical lubricant.

How do you use powder Lube?

Just add to water, shake to mix, wait a little and you are ready to go. For a fantastic cushioning lube experience, add a second lid of powder or reduce the amount of water.

What are the ingredients in J-Lube?

J-Lube is basically two things; a polymer (polyethylene oxide) and a dispersing agent (sucrose). The real work is done by the polymer, the dispersal agent is just there to make it easier to measure out and mix.

Can you mix water with Lube?

LPT: When using water based lubricant, simply add water when it dries up. You can do this many times before adding more lubricant.

What is the difference between J-Lube and K-Lube?

The key ingredient of powdered personal lubricants is polyethylene oxide. J-Lube 10oz bottle only contains 2.5oz polyethylene oxide. K-Lube 7oz bottle is an undisclosed ratio of polyethylene oxide and other ingredients (likely preservatives).

When should I use dry lubricant?

When to use dry lubes Dry lubes are best used in dry environmental conditions since it’s thin and waxy, which prevents dust, sand, and dirt from sticking to the chain. If you do most of your riding in sunny summertime conditions, and avoid trail riding during inclement weather, then dry lube is ideal.

How do you mix lube?

Mix one part J-Lube powder into a large cup with 5 parts water. (i.e. 2 Tablespoons J-Lube with 10 Tablespoons of water). Adjust to preference. 2, Stir or Blend thoroughly until no white chunks of lube powder are visible.

Do lubricants have high viscosity?

As velocity increases, the bearing surfaces “pull in” more lubricant, creating a thicker lubricating layer under higher pressure, which results in higher viscosity.

Can you mix water with lube?

Why is graphite a dry lubricant?

The carbon atoms are strongly bonded together in sheets. Because the bonds between the sheets are weak, graphite shows lower shearing strength under friction force. Thus it can be used as a solid lubricant and has become one of traditional and primary solid lubrication materials.

What kind of lubricant is J Lube powder?

J-Lube powdered lubricant is mixed into water to make an effective obstetrical lubricant. Similar to J-Jelly from Jorgensen Labs, J-Lube Powdered Lubricant concentrate is non-irritating and completely inert.

How does J Lube become a fancy lubricant?

J-Lube is a powder to which water is added, after which it becomes a fancy lubricant. Read here easy guide making J-Lube lubricant Home Courses

How long does it take to mix J Lube?

Wait a moment soon you will be able to apply the lubricant. After a few minutes (5-10 min) you can check the lubricant composition. If it is necessary, add water or j-lube powder according to your preference. Now allow J-Lube to cool off before its use.

What kind of lubricant is mixed with water?

J-Lube is sold as a powder that is mixed with water itself. As a result, your hands have a very elastic and inexpensive lubricant that is the name most swimmers around the world swear by. J-Lube Powder in a nutshell J-Lube is Powder-in-water lubricant Affordable and sufficient lubricant Manufactured by Jorgensen Laboratoriesin Loveland, Colorado