What happened to Graham Central Station?

What happened to Graham Central Station?

Graham Central Station has been closed for years, and now nothing remains of the building that some remember fondly. “It was about the variety and the fun that we would have,” Murray said with a note of nostalgia, “that’s what made it fun.”

What genre is Graham Central Station?

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Who sang Grand Central Station?

Mary Chapin Carpenter
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Is Drake related to Larry Graham?

In 1998, he recorded a solo album under the name Graham Central Station GCS 2000. It was a collaboration between Larry Graham and Prince. Graham is the father of singer-songwriter and producer Darric Graham. He is also the uncle of Canadian rapper and actor Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake.

Why was Graham Central closed?

The cowboy-friendly nightspot, which was located near Priest Drive and Elliott Road in Tempe, shut its doors on November 17 after kicking around the Valley for more than three decades, reportedly due to recent economic woes. …

What’s in Graham Central Station ice cream?

Ingredients: Skim milk, cream, graham cracker variegate (graham cracker crumb (unbleached unenriched wheat flour, graham flour, sugar, palm oil, molasses, honey, salt, baking soda), soybean oil, powdered sugar (sugar, cornstarch), coconut oil, mono & diglycerides, soy lecithin, salt) honeycomb candies (milk chocolate …

What does Dennis Graham do for a living?

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Who invented slap?

bassist Larry Graham
The invention of slap on electric bass is generally credited to funk bassist Larry Graham. Graham has stated in several interviews that he was trying to emulate the sound of a drum set before his band had found its drummer.

What year did Graham Central Station close?

In 2002, Graham Brothers shut down its long-running Graham Central Station club in west Phoenix and reopened it at the Tempe location.

What is spouse like a house ice cream?

Handel’s Ice Cream Indy North – Hello spouse like a house! Vanilla malted ice cream with peanut butter ripple & chocolate covered pretzel balls.

When did Larry Graham and Graham Central Station tour?

Graham and Graham Central Station performed internationally with a world tour in 2010 and the “Funk Around The World” international tour in 2011. He appeared as a special guest at Jim James’ “Rock N’ Soul Dance Party Superjam” at the 2013 Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Where did the name Graham Central Station come from?

The name is a pun on Grand Central Station, the train station located in Manhattan, New York City. Graham Central Station had several hits in the 1970s, including “Hair”. In the mid-1970s, Larry Graham worked with Betty Davis, the second ex-wife of jazz legend Miles Davis.

When does Larry Graham funk around the World Tour start?

Larry brings his “Funk Around The World” Tour back to Europe starting in Helsinki tomorrow 11-1-2011. Nine new European dates and venues in November announced today. Larry’s August 26th concert at “Not Just Jazz” in Virginia has been rescheduled to November 26th due to hurricane Irene.

When is Larry Graham show in Antwerp Belgium?

For their March 9th show at De Roma in Antwerp, Belgium, Larry Graham & GCS will be joined on stage by special guest N8N, a hip young “new school” artist with a funky “old school” vibe. For more info, you can check out http://n8nmusic.tumblr.com/