How much does a velocity aircraft kit cost?

How much does a velocity aircraft kit cost?

Velocity Kit Offerings Velocity currently offers three aircraft kits—two singles and the V-twin. The two singles have optional retractable landing gear while the V-Twin has standard retractable gear. The SE basic kit sells for $40,000, the XL (fixed gear) for $53,000.

What kind of PROP does velocity trainer se have?

Velocity’s trainer SE is equipped with a Lycoming LIO-360—left turning prop—with one conventional magneto and one electronic ignition system. During ground school, Meier had reminded me that being a pusher, power changes tend to impart pitch moment—down when power is applied and up when it’s reduced.

What was the problem with the Velocity Long EZ?

“But the main problem with trying to make a larger version of the Long-EZ was the canard,” says Velocity CEO Duane Swing, who took over the company from Maher in 1992. “The Long-EZ only had to support a pilot. The rear seat was on the CG so it didn’t make a difference on the weight. But the pilot was the main thing.

What kind of gear does velocity aircraft use?

The Velocity Aircraft is a 4, 5 and 6 place kit aircraft. Avalible Fixed or Retract Gear. Numerous options avalible including fast build, side stick controls, Cleveland Heavy Duty breaks, engine install packages, and much more.

Is the velocity V-twin kitplane a good idea?

Just when it seems that every configuration of an airplane has been thought of, built, flown and perhaps found to be inferior, or at least no better than current designs, someone comes up with a new twist on an old idea that evokes a visceral response: “That’s cool. I want to fly it!”

What was the problem with the velocity u-kitplanes?

Maher noodled the problem with another Long-EZ builder who was a NASA engineer and after many iterations and wind tunnel trials, they settled on a larger canard with a Fowler flap for the elevator control surface. “It’s hinged down low so when it deflects down, it actually extends the chord of the canard.

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