How do you unlock the lost world in Donkey Kong 3?

How do you unlock the lost world in Donkey Kong 3?

Krematoa is the Lost World in Donkey Kong Country 3 & it can be reached at any time after getting the Hover Craft from Funky. To open Krematoa get on either the Hover Craft or the Turbo Ski then drive in circles around the 4 rocks that are to the right of Mekanos.

How do you get bonus coins in Donkey Kong Country 3?

Bonus Coins replace the Kremkoins from the previous game. They are acquired by beating a Bonus Stage. There are a total of eighty five Bonus Coins in Donkey Kong Country 3. By saving them up, they can be given to Boomer in order to unlock additional stages in Krematoa by having him blow up the rocks blocking the path.

How many levels are in Donkey Kong Country 3?

40 levels
Take advantage of each of their unique abilities as they throw each other into action in over 40 levels. There are plenty of collectibles—including Bear Coins, which grant access to the services of the Brothers Bear, and Banana Birds, which Wrinkly Kong has a deep fondness for.

What happens when you get all the DK coins in Donkey Kong Country 2?

Only one DK Coin is not guarded by a Koin: it is earned by completing the level Knautilus. Once the player has found all the DK Coins, they can go over to Funky’s Rentals and trade them in for a Gyrocopter, which will allow them to fly around the Northern Kremisphere.

What are the codes for Donkey Kong Country 3?

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble on Super Nintendo (SNES). Invincibility B768-C34D; Do Not Get Charged Any Silver (Bear) Coins in Shops 8023-EACA C261-83B7 Note: You still have to have enough coins in order to purchase the item. Infinite Lives C26E-73CD

Where do you throw Dixie Kong in Donkey Kong Country 3?

When you reach the first body of water, have Kiddy stand on the edge, carry Dixie, jump up and to the right, and throw Dixie up and to the right. If done correctly, she will enter an invisible warp barrel that will transport you to the end of the level.

How do you leave the special bonus area in Donkey Kong Country?

To leave the special bonus area, press Start to pause, then press Select. You return with all your new 1-ups to the area where you last died. When you first enter the Stop & Go Station, jump towards the entrance. When you hit the wall, keep holding forward. You will enter a secret warp that takes you to the exit of the level.

Where is the Lost World in Donkey Kong Country 3?

Jet ski around the rocks in a counterclockwise circle eight times or until a noise is heard. The Lost World will appear in the light blue circle in the water between the rocks. To defeat the final K. Rool (in the sub) easier, pause the game when he starts firing the lower sparks from his generator.