Where is Aperture labs located?

Where is Aperture labs located?

Built in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA sometime after the founding of Aperture Science in 1943, the Aperture Laboratories is the main headquarters for the company.

What is an aperture in science?

Aperture, in optics, the maximum diameter of a light beam that can pass through an optical system. The size of an aperture is limited by the size of the mount holding the optical component, or the size of the diaphragm placed in the bundle of light rays.

Did aperture work with the combine?

I hadn’t really given it much thought until about a week ago, but Aperture was never found by the Combine at all. The idea of how GLaDOS managed to make this happen, as it must have been her doing, is endlessly intriguing to me.

Who runs Aperture Science?

Cave Johnson
Aperture Science is a scientific research company founded by Cave Johnson. Portal and Portal 2 take place in Aperture Science’s Enrichment Center, which is dedicated to endlessly testing the Aperture Science products and the humans that use them.

Why is Chell in aperture?

Although Chell’s origins are unknown, she was definitely among the people present during GLaDOS’ activation in 200-, as GLaDOS locked down the facility immediately afterward; information revealed in Portal 2 implies that Chell was the child of an Aperture scientist because one of the “Bring Your Daughter To Work Day” …

Why is Chell a mute?

Valve’s Erik Wolpaw has said one of the reasons Chell doesn’t speak in Portal 2 is because she is a silent protagonist which “could be anyone.” Chell is also used as a bit comedy in the game, especially because she is more of a bystander in the games.

Who voices Cave Johnson?

J K Simmons
Cave Johnson/Voices
Cave Johnson was created by designer Erik Wolpaw and is voiced by J. K. Simmons. He is described as an “eccentric dead billionaire” and “extroverted, enthusiastic, and opinionated.” He was the founder and CEO of Aperture Science.