How do I change the column length in DB2?

How do I change the column length in DB2?

3 Answers. In DB2 9.7 for Linux/UNIX/Windows, you can use the ALTER TABLE statement to reduce the length of a column, assuming that no values in the column exceed the new column size: ALTER TABLE temp ALTER COLUMN col1 SET DATA TYPE VARCHAR(60);

How do you find the length of a string in DB2?

For every character that is 2 bytes or less in the string, DB2 counts a length of 1. Specifies that DB2 is to count the length by 32-bit (or 4-byte) code units. For every character that is 4 bytes or less in the string, DB2 counts a length of 1.

What is the maximum length of varchar in DB2?

String Length Limits

Item Limit
Max length of CHAR 255 bytes
Max length of GRAPHIC 127 DBCS characters
Max length of BINARY 255 bytes
Max length of VARCHAR 4046 bytes for 4-KB pages 8128 bytes for 8-KB pages 16320 bytes for 16-KB pages 32704 bytes for 32-KB pages

How many columns can a DB2 table have?

749 columns
** If the table is a dependent, it can contain a maximum of 749 columns. The value (749 or 750) depends on the complexity of the CREATE VIEW statement. *** If the index name is longer than 8 bytes, DB2 derives an index space name using the index name.

How do I add a column between two columns in Db2?

3 Answers

  1. Take a backup/dump of table data and db2look (If you dump to a CSV file as I do I suggest dumping in the new format so for example put null for the new column in the right place.
  2. Drop table and indexes.
  3. Create table with the new colunn.
  4. Load data with old values.
  5. Recreate all indexes and runstats.

What is varchar in DB2?

Db2 VARCHAR type is used to store variable-length character strings. To define a variable-length character string column, you use the following syntax: column_name VARCHAR(n) In this syntax, n is a positive integer that represents the maximum length of n bytes that the column can store.

What is the maximum size of char data type in db2?

255 bytes
Limits in Db2 for z/OS

Item Limit
Maximum length of CHAR 255 bytes
Maximum length of GRAPHIC 127 double-byte characters
Maximum length of BINARY 255 bytes

Can we use Max on char column in db2?


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