Can females have hypogonadism?

Can females have hypogonadism?

Hypogonadism is a condition that causes decreased function of the gonads, which are the testes in males and the ovaries in females, and decreased production of sex hormones. You may be born with the condition or it can develop later in life from injury or infection.

What is central hypogonadism?

In central hypogonadism, the centers in the brain that control the gonads (hypothalamus and pituitary) do not function properly. Causes of central hypogonadism include: Anorexia nervosa. Bleeding in the area of the pituitary. Taking medicines, such as glucocorticoids and opiates.

How do you fix hypogonadism?

Male hypogonadism usually is treated with testosterone replacement to return testosterone levels to normal. Testosterone can help counter the signs and symptoms of male hypogonadism, such as decreased sexual desire, decreased energy, decreased facial and body hair, and loss of muscle mass and bone density.

What are common causes of hypogonadism?

Causes of Hypogonadism. Primary hypogonadism causes can include aging, autoimmune disorders such as Addison’s disease and hypoparathyroidism, genetic disorders such as Klinefelter syndrome (congenital abnormality of the sex chromosomes), liver and kidney diseases, undescended testes, chemotherapy or radiation exposure, and surgery on the sex organs.

What causes congenital hypogonadism?

ANSWER Congenital hypogonadism is present at birth and can be caused by a variety of inherited conditions. Among males, the most common congenital cause of hypogonadism is called Klinefelter syndrome , an abnormality of the X- and Y-chromosomes, which determine sexual characteristics.

Is low testosterone the same as hypogonadism?

Hypogonadism is another name for low testosterone; however, it’s not the same thing as what we call andropause (or “male menopause”), which is an age-related condition involving low testosterone in men. Age may play a role in hypogonadism, but it may result from other causes and occur in younger men.

What causes male hypogonadism?

The cause of hypogonadism can be primary or central (secondary). In primary hypogonadism, the ovaries or testes themselves do not function properly. Causes of primary hypogonadism include: The most common genetic disorders that cause primary hypogonadism are Turner syndrome (in women) and Klinefelter syndrome (in men).