Why Just Cause 2 is bad?

Why Just Cause 2 is bad?

The first twenty minutes or so of Just Cause 2 are laughably bad. The voice acting is cringe inducing, the story doesn’t exactly seem inspired, and the action is stilted as you try to get a feel for the controls. It’s one of the worst openings for a good game in recent memory.

How hard is Just Cause 2?

Just Cause 2 has 4 levels of difficulty. The difficulty affects the size, power, and effectiveness of the Panau Military units that appear during both missions and free-roam gameplay. It also increases hacking difficulty. Other things, like races and collectible items are unaffected.

Is Just Cause 2 good for kids?

Parents need to know that Just Cause 2 is like Grand Theft Auto on an island. This open “sandbox” game has you perform many missions, which includes killing people and hijacking cars, therefore it’s not an appropriate game for players under 17 years of age. Much of the action revolves around combat and stunts.

Is Just Cause 2 fun?

Just Cause 2 may not be the best game on the planet but it certainly is a lot of fun. Thanks to the game’s over the top nature there’s tons of crazy stuff to do throughout the island of Panau.

Why is just cause 4 bad?

However, the graphics in Just Cause 4 can look terrible and do so very often. However, Just Cause 4 abuses that choice and instead has just consistently bad quality to the graphics they provide. There’s stylized graphics, and then there’s weak graphics that feel incomplete.

Is Just Cause 2 a bad game?

It is an easy game and does not have much profanity or sex but there’s lots of humerus violence like explosions and hijacking and action packed gameplay. I have also played Just cause and Just cause 3 and this is definitely the best out of the current trilogy.

Is there a strip club in Just Cause 2?

The Mile High Club is a Bar and Strip Club located on a large deck suspended in the air by . It can be found hovering above Panau at X:29584 Y:11435.

Is the game Just Cause 2 a good game?

Just Cause 2 is one of the few games that punishes you when you have good aim and rewards you when you don’t. When you’re surrounded by a dozen armed baddies and bombarded by a hovering helicopter, however, making a quick getaway may be the best option.

Where does Rico Rodriguez Live in Just Cause 2?

But in the life of Rico Rodriguez, such events are just another day at the office, though in this case, the office is the gigantic island nation of Panau, where three gangs vie to wrestle control from a corrupt government. This is a big game that gives you a lot to do and a lot of crazy ways to do it.

What do explosions do in Just Cause 2?

Causing explosions leads to chaos, which functions as a type of currency in Just Cause 2. To unlock new story missions and other goodies, you need to wreak as much havoc as you can, and you get lots of different, preposterous ways to do it.