Why is West Virginia called the holler?

Why is West Virginia called the holler?

: Holler is a phonetic spelling of an Appalachian pronunciation of hollow. A village in West Virginia, for example, might identify itself as a holler, after the surrounding geography. The Southern Appalachians are not the only place with hollows, although they may be the only place where they are call hollers.

Are there hollers in West Virginia?

Like a sea. Most of the state’s nearly 2 million people live in narrow mountain valleys called hollers. Get out of the cities and towns in West Virginia into the remote hills and hollers where the roads dead-end and it’s a step back in time.

Where is the holler in West Virginia?

Holler is Bowman’s art gallery, located in his hometown of Princeton. It showcases an eclectic and thought-provoking collection of multimedia art submitted by artists who are either from or have been to West Virginia.

What’s a holler in Tennessee?

hollow noun A small, sheltered valley that usually but not necessarily has a watercourse. The term occurs often in place names, especially informal ones, as Hell’s Holler (NC) and Piedy Holler (TN). [ DARE labels this pronunciation holler as “chiefly South, South Midland, especially Southern Appalachians, Ozarks”]

What is the difference between a gap and a holler?

As nouns the difference between holler and gap is that holler is a yell, shout or holler can be (southern us|appalachia) (small valley between mountains) while gap is an opening in anything made by breaking or parting.

What does it mean to live in a holler?

A holler is a place where the sun comes up late and sets early. After the sun sets, it’s still a couple of hours before it gets dark. It’s a place where you can let your young’uns, dog, cat and chickens run loose in the yard.

How much of West Virginia is mountains?

West Virginia contains over 1,000 named mountains and is almost entirely mountainous. In fact, more mountainous land exists per square mile in West Virginia than in any other state. It’s easy to see why the state motto, Montani Semper Liberi, translates to “Mountaineers are always free.”

What counties are in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia?

Some sources and regional associations only identify the Eastern Panhandle as being composed of Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties. Berkeley and Jefferson counties are geographically located in the Shenandoah Valley. West Virginia is the only U.S. state with two panhandles; the other is the Northern Panhandle.

What do people do in a Holler in West Virginia?

Most people in a holler have a front porch. And they actually sit on it. They shell peas and string green beans and peel apples on the porch. And people stop by and sit on the porch with you. They laugh and talk and cuss a little bit about crooked politicians.

What’s the meaning of the term ” Holler ” in baseball?

But apparently a “holler” is just a “hollow” – a valley between mountains – in West Virginia. CASTING DIRECTOR LOVES INBREEDING. But the opener did turn a bit testy in the eighth when Grant Balfour hit J.D. Drew in the right shoulder with a high fastball, prompting a few Red Sox to holler from the bench. USATODAY.com.

Are there any mansions in a Holler in West Virginia?

There aren’t any mansions In a holler. In fact, most houses in a holler are modest ones. And almost everyone has a barn, and a couple of other outbuildings. Some have chickens and cows and goats and a couple of horses. And they all have at least one dog that runs to the road and barks at every car that passes by.

What does a holler mean in Eastern Kentucky?

The simple answer is that a holler is a lane that follows a narrow valley between the hills. But if you’re from the hills of Eastern Kentucky, then you know there’s a lot more to a holler than that. Most hollers are just dirt roads with a little gravel spread on them every now and then. They were never intended to carry heavy traffic.