Why Is SEO so Important in Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why Is SEO so Important in Digital Marketing Strategy?

With the growth of technology, many businesses are changing their marketing strategies to promote their products or services. Previously, companies would have to pay for billboard and radio advertisements to market their brand services. Today, every business, no matter the size and industry, adopt digital marketing tactics to stay ahead of its competitors and generate the maximum leads.

Digital marketing is a vast term that incorporates different tactics. Such as search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, email marketing, SEO, and many other types. These subsets of digital marketing help brands to market their services via digital channels.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves as an integral part of these digital marketing techniques to increase traffic and conversion rates. In this digital era, the right SEO techniques can sink or swim your business online. Below are some of the reasons how SEO plays an essential role in digital marketing:

  • Increases Website Traffic

Every business strives to appear on the first page of search engines. The higher the rankings, the more chances people come across a website. In turn, more lead generations and sales. However, if people can’t find you on search engines, how will they know your brand’s existence? The following points can help you appear on top results and drive organic traffic:

  • Keywords: Make sure to choose and insert appropriate keywords wherever necessary. Search for the user’s intent and what people are discussing on social platforms. Use long-tail keywords to reach the target audience. Avoid random stuffing, or else the website ranking might relegate.
  • Title and meta descriptions: Come up with compelling titles. A good strategy is to make your title keyword-optimized. It helps the search engine crawlers to index your site and rank them. Also, don’t forget to write an appealing meta description so that people get tempted to click your link.
  • Content: Provide relevant information and valuable insights that meet user’s expectations. Remember, do not produce duplicate content or even near-duplicate content. Whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, Google might penalize your site or altogether remove it. You can use canonical tags on your website to specify the search engines about duplicate content issues. Also, make sure to read Beginner’s Guide to Canonical Tags before implementing it to avoid errors.

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  • Tracks Website Performance

What good is your marketing techniques if you are not monitoring the results? No wonder SEO offers several advantages to marketers and gives them a competitive edge. Yet, it also provides you with analyzing your website performance. In this way, you can determine which SEO strategies give you more positive outcomes and which areas of improvement you need to consider. You can track almost all steps of your SEO practices to gain a comprehensive insight into your website’s overall growth and performance. The in-depth data can help you analyze where your digital marketing stands. SEO not only enables you to gauge your marketing performance but also your competitors.

  • No Manipulation on Ranking Factor

Formerly, businesses could buy irrelevant or spammy links or produces low-quality content and still rank higher on the search engines. However, today Google has become more strict. Over the past few years, Google has updated its algorithm and is now mainly focusing on user’s search intent only. As a result of white-hat SEO techniques, no longer can websites manipulate search engines to misuse the ranking factor. The webpages that adhere strictly to Google SEO guidelines can only rank higher on search engines and attract genuine traffic.

  • Helps Target Local Search

Many users today use their mobile phones to search for any information online. Due to mobile devices and an internet connection, more customers these days are looking for certain products and services within their vicinity on their smartphones. Thus, local SEO has become an integral part of business growth since most users who perform local searches visit the store the same day. Implementing local SEO can help your target audience reach you easily and quickly, increasing your sales. You can do so by incorporating your contact details, including phone number, business hours, and a map of your office location. That way, both your potential customer base and search engines can identify your location.

  • Builds Trust

Have you ever go through the second or third page for your query on a search engine? Probably no, right? Many research shows that online searchers don’t even land on the search engine’s second page for their queries. They usually rely on the results of the first page. A common notion is webpages on the first page are more trustworthy and credible.

For this reason, more and more businesses are struggling to make their place on the first page of the search engines. Optimizing your web pages with the right SEO techniques can help you secure a higher search engine rank. The lower your webpage ranks, the more chances people to believe you are inexperienced or unreliable. Through proper SEO optimization, you can achieve a higher position on SERPs. Thus, more intended users would be aware of your brand and increase the relevant traffic. Be mindful of the following factors to build the authority of your website:

  • Build high-quality backlinks
  • Produce relevant content and avoid duplicate content
  • Keep an eye on on-page and technical SEO elements to ensure a positive web experience

It is to note that building your brand’s trust and authority would require a lot of time and commitment. However, the outcome will be worth all your efforts.

  • Increases Inbound Sales

Inbound sales refer to when prospective customers reach out to you to purchase your product or service. So with the right SEO techniques, you can target the relevant keywords and make eye-catchy titles, increasing the organic traffic. SEO is a great way to attract your intended audience to your web page; they can experience good quality content from there. After that, you can create lead generation forms or practice email marketing to make inbound sales.


If done right, SEO can make your business unlock a new success level each day. Though, it does not mean you should stop practicing SEO techniques once your business becomes successful. Doing so can result in the fall of your website’s ranking, and the competitors might outrank you. Search engines keep updating their algorithms frequently. Therefore, to stand out and achieve exceptional results, you must ensure that your business follows the industry’s newest and latest trends.