Why does my iPod not connect to iTunes?

Why does my iPod not connect to iTunes?

Restart your computer, as well as your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Make sure the time and date on your computer are correct. Disable third-party security software and make sure Windows Firewall isn’t blocking iTunes. From the Windows Device Manager, update iTunes drivers and restart the Apple Mobile Device Service.

Why won’t my iTunes update on my computer?

The most common reason for this iTunes update error is incompatible Windows version or outdated software installed on the PC. Now, first of all, go to the control panel of your PC and locate the “Uninstall a program” option. Click on it. Restart your PC and try updating the iTunes software again.

Why is my iPod Touch not working with iTunes?

Finnaly once you are shure you have UNINSTALLED EVERYTHING that says Apple, iTunes, or Quick time restart your computer and MAKE SHURE THAT YOUR IPOD IS NOT CONNECTED TO YOUR COMPUTER. Then download the newest version of iTunes and install it. Once the installation is complete go ahead and connect the iPod Touch and everything should work.

Is the iPod Touch still available on iTunes?

As 2017, only the iPod Touch remains in production. iTunes is a good partner to iPod Touch to purchase multimedia content, backup and restore iPod; however, it is only available when iTunes detects your iPod successfully. In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to fix iTunes not recognizing iPod.

What to do if your iPod is not recognized by iTunes?

After updating, connect iTunes and your iPod again, now iTunes should detect the iPod normally. Sometimes, when iPad disabled connect to iTunes, you can also first try updating iTunes to fix the issue. If the above ways all fail to fix the issue, you could try to reset iPod to factory settings.

Why is my iPhone not updating on my iPad?

Get help with over-the-air iOS updates. You might be unable to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch wirelessly — or over the air — for one of these reasons. Not enough available storage space on your device. Downloading the update takes a long time. Unable to reach the update server. The update doesn’t complete.