Who were Lipps, Inc?

Who were Lipps, Inc?

Margie CoxVocals
Cynthia JohnsonSaxophoneSteven GreenbergMelanie RosalesVocals
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What genre is Lipps, Inc?

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Who is the lead singer of Lipps, Inc?

Cynthia Johnson
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Cynthia Johnson (born April 22, 1956) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and producer. She is best known as the lead singer of the band Lipps Inc. with the worldwide smash hit “Funkytown”.

How old is Funkytown?


Released March 1980
Genre Disco funk
Length 4:00 (Single Version) 7:50 (12″ Extended Version)
Label Casablanca

When was funky town released by Lipps Inc?

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Who sang funky time?

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How long is Lipps Inc Corp?

1 in 28 countries and was certified as double-platinum in sales….

Lipps Inc.
Genres Disco funk
Years active 1979–1985
Labels Casablanca Records, Phonogram, Polydor, Polyfar, PolyGram
Website funkytown.com

What city is called Funky Town?

Fort Worth
“Panther City.” “Cowtown.” “Queen City of the Prairie.” But one of the city’s nicknames has long stumped people: “Funky Town.” What’s so funky about Fort Worth? According to a recent column by longtime Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Bud Kennedy, a lot of things contribute to the city’s funky cred.

Who made Funky Town?

Lipps Inc.
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Who sang the original Funky Town?

What kind of music did Lipps Inc make?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lipps Inc. (/ lɪp sɪŋk / lip-sink) was an American disco and funk group from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group was best known for the chart-topping 1980 worldwide hit single ” Funkytown ” which hit No. 1 in 28 different countries and was certified as double- platinum in sales.

Who was the founder of Lipps Inc.?

Lipps Inc. started as a project of Steven Greenberg, at the time a wedding DJ who wanted to try his hand at writing disco songs.

When did the band Lipps inc.break up?

After the third album Designer Music, Johnson left the band and was replaced by Margie Cox and Melanie Rosales. Lipps Inc. released its final album 4 in 1983 before disbanding two years later.

When did the song Funkytown by Lipps come out?

Funkytown. ” Funkytown ” is a song by American disco act Lipps Inc. from their debut album Mouth to Mouth (1979). It was released as the album’s lead single in 1980. “Funkytown” reached the top spot in the United States, Germany, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Australia, among many others.