Who voices Allister in Archer?

Who voices Allister in Archer?

Peter Szymon Serafinowicz
Peter Szymon Serafinowicz (born July 10, 1972) is an English actor, comedian, writer, composer, voice artist and occasional director.

Who plays Charles and Rudy Archer voices?

Charles and Rudy are portrayed by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, respectively. The two are main cast members from Reno 911! and sketch show The State and are also screenwriting/stand-up partners.

Who is the father of Lana’s baby in Archer?

Sterling Archer
In “Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure”, Lana gives birth to a girl, which she reveals to Sterling Archer that he is the father by using his frozen sperm.

Did Pam lose weight Archer?

In Archer Vice (season 5), Pam is seen to have lost a considerable amount of weight due to her cocaine addiction, though she rapidly gained all the lost weight back by season 6, likely due to her having overcome her addiction.

Who are the voice actors of the show Archer?

Guest voices edit | edit source Creators Adam Reed Producers Adam Reed (Ex. Producer) · Matt Thompson Primary Cast H. Jon Benjamin · Judy Greer · Amber Nas Cast George Coe · Adam Reed

How many episodes of the TV show Archer are there?

Archer is produced using limited animation and takes its visual style from mid-century comic art. The cast members record their lines individually, and the show regularly employs guest actors and actresses for supporting characters. There have been 110 episodes broadcast in Archer ‘s history.

Who is the voice of Archer’s Butler Woodhouse?

Legendary actor George Coe is the voice of Archer’s butler, Woodhouse. Where you’ve seen him before: Coe was an Oscar-nominated actor who starred in many award-winning films, including Kramer vs. Kramer. He was also one of the original cast members on Saturday Night Live. In his later years, he developed a successful career in voice-over work.

Who is the actor who plays Cyril Figgis on Archer?

Chris Parnell is another hard-working actor. He frequently stars in TV series, as well as feature films. He gives bumbling Cyril Figgis the right amount of hesitation in every line. Where you’ve seen/heard him before: Chris Parnell is most well-known for the eight seasons he spent as a cast member of Saturday Night Live.