Who plays Tony and Maria West Side Story?

Who plays Tony and Maria West Side Story?

Ansel Elgort
And 60 years on, West Side Story is getting an update, with Steven Spielberg revamping the story for a brand new film. The adaptation will arrive this December, with Ansel Elgort starring as Tony, Rachel Zegler as Maria and Ariana DeBose as Anita.

How many Oscars did the movie version of West Side Story win?

10 Oscars
West Side Story won a total of 10 Oscars at the 34th Academy Awards in 1962, making it the musical film with the most Academy wins, including Best Picture.

Was West Side Story filmed on location?

The majority of West Side Story was not shot in New York City at all, but on large sound stages in West Hollywood, California. Here, a facility known as the Samuel Goldwyn Studio was home to United Artists, the studio that distributed West Side Story.

Who was the first Maria in West Side Story?

Carol Lawrence
Although Robbins pushed for 29-year-old Carol Lawrence, the first Maria, to be cast in the same role in the film, after seeing her screen test the producers agreed she was too old to play the part. A number of other cast members from the Broadway and West End productions were cast in the film.

What race is Maria in West Side Story?

In West Side Story, Maria is of Puerto Rican descent. In the 1961 film adaptation she was played by American actor Natalie Wood.

Does Tony get killed in West Side Story?

Tony dies in Maria’s arms, surrounded by members of both street gangs. Maria grabs Chino’s gun and tells the gang members that they are all responsible for the deaths of Riff, Bernardo, and Tony. The police arrive and arrest Chino while members of the Jets and the Sharks carry Tony’s body away.

Who played Tony in West Side Story?

George Richard Beymer, Jr. (born February 20, 1938) is an American actor, filmmaker and artist who is best known for playing the roles of Tony in the film version of West Side Story (1961), Peter in The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) and Ben Horne on the television series Twin Peaks (1990–1991, 2017 ).

Who dies in the West Side Story?

Don McKay Dies: ‘West Side Story’ Actor Was 93. Don McKay, who portrayed Tony in the 1958 London premiere of West Side Story, died Thursday in Manhattan. He was 93. His nephew, Sean McKenna, confirmed McKay’s death to Playbill .

Who composed West Side Story?

On September 26, 1957, West Side Story, composed by Leonard Bernstein, opens at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway. For the groundbreaking musical, Bernstein provided a propulsive and rhapsodic score that many celebrate as his greatest achievement as a composer.

Is West Side Story a Broadway show?

the original Broadway cast of West Side Story . West Side Story (Original Broadway Cast) is the 1957 recording of a Broadway production of the musical West Side Story. Recorded 3 days after the show opened at the Winter Garden Theatre , the recording was released in October 1957 in both mono and stereo formats.