Who played Keith Lard?

Who played Keith Lard?

Channel 4 has paid compensation to a fire safety officer after he complained that a character in new comedy Phoenix Nights was based on him. Keith Laird, who works for Bolton Council, complained about a character called Keith Lard who appeared in an epsiode of the show, starring comedian Peter Kay.

What episode is Keith Lard in?

In fact, Keith Lard was first seen on television on 19 January, 2000 in “That Peter Kay Thing.” He later appeared in episode 3 of the first series of Phoenix Nights (screened 28 January, 2001).

Is Brian Potter really disabled?

During this, a fully able Potter swam to collect the safe but in doing so, he found himself being pinned up by a floating fruit machine. He then entered a coma until the New Year. Upon exiting his coma, he was made aware that not only had the club been closed but he was also disabled from the waist down.

Who plays Brian Potter?

Peter KayPhoenix Nights
Brian Potter/Played by
Characters. The owner of The Phoenix Club is wheelchair user Brian Potter (played by Peter Kay), who has presided over two clubs in the past: the first (The Aquarius) flooded, the second (The Neptune) burned down.

Why is Brian Potter in a wheelchair?

Can Brian walk? In That Peter Kay Thing episode In The Club, which is where Phoenix Nights originates from, the very last shot sees Brian stand up from his wheelchair, distressed because his club (The Neptune) is on fire.

What was the DJ called in Phoenix Nights?

Ray Von
Ray Von. Played by Neil Fitzmaurice, Ray is a former fairground gypsy and the club’s general handyman and DJ.

Who played Spencer in Phoenix Nights?

Daniel Kitson
Spencer (played by Daniel Kitson) is one of the bar staff at the club, whose previous bar experience includes watching the film Cocktail six times.

Who played Beverly in Phoenix Nights?

Jo Enright
Jo Enright is an English stand-up comedian and actress who has appeared in a number of television and radio comedy programmes….

Jo Enright
Occupation Actress, Stand-up comedian
Years active 1995–present

Why was Phoenix Nights Cancelled?

And Kay said that getting back on stage was like “getting in a hot bath”. In late 2017, the Phoenix Nights star cancelled his tour and all future work projects due to “unforeseen family circumstances”. He returned the year after with the finale of his BBC TV show Car Share, but has not appeared live since.

What are the bouncers called in Phoenix Nights?

Max Bygraves

Max Bygraves
Position Bouncer
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Mongy Mate Max
Spouse Separated

Can Brian Potter walk?

The audience would hear him using the stairlift, which would then be followed by the sound of his footsteps running to the kitchen. However, this idea was ditched and the concept of Brian secretly being able to walk was abandoned very early on into the series’ production, as they didn’t think it really worked.

How old is Enright?

About 53 years (1968)
Jo Enright/Age

Where did the show Phoenix Nights come from?

The show is a spin-off from the “In the Club” episode of the spoof documentary series That Peter Kay Thing, and in turn was followed by the spin-off Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere. It was produced by Goodnight Vienna Productions and Ovation Entertainments, and broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK.

Who is the bad guy in Phoenix Nights?

Den Perry. Den Perry (played by Ted Robbins) is the owner of rival club “The Banana Grove”, and is the ‘bad guy’ of the series. He prides himself on running the best social club in Bolton, and ruthlessly finds ways of sabotaging the Phoenix Club.

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Who are the cast members of Phoenix Nights?

Peter Kay. Brian Potter / 12 episodes, 2001-2002. Dave Spikey. Jerry ‘St. Clair’ Dignan / 12 episodes, 2001-2002.