Who owns 13cabs?

Who owns 13cabs?

A2B Australia
13cabs/Parent organizations
Andrew Skelton, CEO of 13cabs parent company A2B Australia, explains that “our company wants to be front and center in the campaign to get the community moving again.

How do you call a taxi in Sydney?

Even if you don’t have the app, you can book a taxi for your Sydney trip by calling us on 131 001.

What to do if you leave your phone in a taxi?

If you lose anything in a taxi you should first contact the police as drivers are advised to hand in any lost property to their local police station. Telephone 101 and ask to be put through to the help desk at your relevant police station.

Should I tip the taxi driver?

We recommend tipping 10% for an okay taxi ride. Bump it up to 15% for a standard-grade taxi ride. Tip 20% or higher if your taxi driver provided assistance with luggage, offered friendly conversation, got you to your destination in a timely manner, etc.

Why Uber is better than taxis?

KEY TAKEAWAYS. Uber customers typically get where they are going faster or cheaper than they would by taxis. Partygoers can rely on being able to find available Uber drivers through their apps late at night. The combination of Uber and expanding online grocery delivery is making it more practical to live without a car.

How do I talk to a taxi driver?

Sample Conversation

  1. Taxi driver: Hi. Where are you going?
  2. Passenger: To the train station, please.
  3. Taxi driver: Shall I put your bag in the trunk?
  4. Passenger: No thanks.
  5. Taxi driver: About 30 minutes.
  6. Passenger: Yes, I’m a bit late.
  7. Taxi driver: We can take the expressway.
  8. Passenger: That’s okay, thanks.

Does 13CABS take EFTPOS?

EFTPOS services are provided via the Cabcharge Fareway EFTPOS System which is available in every 13CABS affiliated taxi cab.

How do I contact Uber about a lost item?

To do this, open the Uber app:

  1. Tap the menu icon, then “Help”
  2. Tap “Trips and Fare Review” and select the trip you took.
  3. Tap “I lost an item,” then “Contact my driver about a lost item”
  4. Enter your phone number and tap “SUBMIT”

Where do black cabs hand lost property?

Baker Street
Hi, normally any lost item left in a Black Cab is taken to our lost property office at Baker Street (but this can take a few days).

Where are the 13CABS offices in North Melbourne?

13CABS Offices: Oakleigh (Head Office) 35 Downing St. (03) 9277 3700. Carrum Downs. 1/94 Frankston Gardens Drive. (03) 8391 1553. North Melbourne. Level 1, 199 Arden St.

How to tell us about your enquiry on 13CABS?

Tell us about your enquiry. So we can contact you regarding your enquiry. Provide as much detail as possible to help us action your enquiry (required).

Who are the drivers of 13CABS in Australia?

All 13cabs Drivers are Professional Drivers – they’re trained and police checked regularly to guarantee your safety. 13cabs operates in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, TAS, ACT and WA.

How can I Find my lost item on 13CABS?

The quickest way to track down your lost item is to complete a lost property form via the ‘Contact us’ button below. If you booked online you can retrieve your booking details via clicking on the link in the SMS sent to you at the time of your booking.