Who makes Mi TM pressure washer?

Who makes Mi TM pressure washer?

Mi-T-M Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality industrial equipment. Our extensive line of product includes: Cold Water Pressure Washers. Hot Water Pressure Washers.

Where are Mi TM Pressure washers made?

Peosta, Iowa
Residential Pressure Washers and Industrial Pressure Washers Mi-T-M manufactures a complete line of pressure washers for industrial use and residential use in our 850,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in Peosta, Iowa.

Why is my pressure washer pulsing?

If the pressure of your machine keeps pulsing, it could mean that your water flow is restricted. Before using your pressure washer, make sure that there are no kinks or leaks in the hose. Any leakage in the hose will drop the pressure.

Are Mi TM pressure washers good?

Solid machine! Have used it about 25 times now, from quick little jobs to washing the cars. Very quiet, very easy to turn on/off. The pressure is nothing to write home about but for an electric, is good.

Are Mi TM Pressure washers good?

Who owns Mi TM?

A.J. Spiegel
The Mi-T-M Corporation was founded in 1971 by A.J. Spiegel, a professional paint contractor.

What is the difference between a pressure washer and a power washer?

The main difference with power washing vs. pressure washing is the heat. The jet wash in a power washing machine uses heated water, whereas the water in a pressure washer is not heated. It is particularly recommended on surfaces, such as concrete or cement, which will not be damaged by power washing.

Do you turn the water on before you start a pressure washer?

It should not be hooked to a potable water source. Turn on the water. The pressure washer hose will fill with water, so it is important to purge the system of excess air before starting the unit. Simply squeeze the trigger on the gun and the air will release.

Why is my Karcher k4 pulsing?

If the machine is pulsing whilst in use, it may be that the accessory you are using has a blockage. Clear by soaking the accessory in warm soapy water and then rinsing out under the tap.

Where can I find the MITM pressure washer parts?

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How do you replace a mi-T-M pressure washer pump?

Use Mi-T-M pump oil #AW-4085-0016 (insert link to product page) and fill only to the center of the oil sight glass. DO NOT overfill. COUPLERS: There are o-ring seals inside the couplers which will deteriorate. To replace, simply install a replacement o-ring to correct the leak. (Additional o-rings can be purchased from your dealer.)

Are there any genuine mi-T-M power tool parts?

This is an original part from the Mi-T-M manufacturer. The thermal relief valve is constructed of metal and plastic, and is compatible with many pressure washer machines. This part is fitted into the pump, and has been designed to be a protection from overheating in the bypass gear. This item is sold individually.

What kind of oil to use on mi-T-M pump?

Use Mi-T-M pump oil #AW-4085-0016 (insert link to product page) and fill only to the center of the oil sight glass. DO NOT OVERFILL!