Who is the founder of Memebox in Korea?

Who is the founder of Memebox in Korea?

Memebox is a Korean company launched in Seoul by Hyungseok Dino Ha in 2012. It started as a subscription box service. The main objective was to make the best of K-beauty more accessible in western countries. Over time, the company expanded to Shanghai, Taipei, and San Francisco.

What kind of business model does Memebox have?

Memebox has not had the most stable business model, despite receiving $160 million in funding over the years. It started out as a subscription box model and then transitioned to more traditional e-commerce, but has always struggled in the US.

When did Memebox discontinue its loyalty program?

When Memebox announced in March that it was discontinuing its loyalty program and would start sending shoppers to other sites for products when its own stock ran out, it was fairly obvious that it was getting out of the K-beauty retail game.

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