Who is Klaus Schulze and what did he do?

Who is Klaus Schulze and what did he do?

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Klaus Schulze (born 4 August 1947) is a German electronic music pioneer, composer and musician.

Can you write an e-mail to Klaus Schulze?

Of course, you can write kdm an e-mail and ask questions or make comments. But you can also read goings-on and news around Klaus Schulze and else, in a lively weblog by kdm. Yes, you can write comments and you can discuss in this blog. Please write in Englisch or German.

When did Klaus Schulze use the name Richard Wahnfried?

Richard Wahnfried, then simply Wahnfried after 1993, is the long-time and only real alias for Klaus Schulze – originally a pseudonym, later an official side project name. Seven albums were released under this name between 1979 and 1997. The main characteristics of the Wahnfried albums (as opposed to Schulze’s regular works) are:

When did Klaus Schulze make the KS circle?

Issue #285 has been posted to all Circle members. It contains: and more. In August 1995 I made and mailed for free the very first edition of our The KS Circle! You will find samples of two older issues of The KS Circle here. Questions about Klaus Schulze?

When did Klaus Schulze release his last album?

In the last several years, Schulze has produced albums and staged numerous live appearances with Lisa Gerrard . With the release of his fortieth album ( Big in Japan: Live in Tokyo 2010) in September 2010, Klaus Schulze entered his fifth decade as a solo musician.

How old is Klaus Schulze of Tangerine Dream?

Klaus Schulze (born 4 August 1947) is a German electronic music pioneer, composer and musician. He also used the alias Richard Wahnfried. He was briefly a member of the Krautrock bands Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, and The Cosmic Jokers before launching a solo career consisting of more than 60 albums released across five decades.

When did Klaus Schulze start using digital instruments?

In the 1980s Schulze started using digital instruments besides the usual analog synthesizers, and his work accordingly became less experimental and more accessible. Although the switch to using digital equipment is audible in the style of Dig It (1980), it was not until the release of Trancefer (1981) that the shift in style became evident.