Who is Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games?

Who is Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games?

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Why does Effie Trinket like the Capitol so much?

Effie and the others arrive at the Capitol on time, something which pleases her, because she loves being on time and orderly. She is joyful when Cinna makes Katniss and Peeta unforgettable again with his choice of costume, causing great discord and awe to ripple among the other tributes.

What kind of hair does Effie Trinket have?

In The Hunger Games, Effie Trinket has pink hair, speculated to be a wig, and during the reaping wears a spring-green suit. As she gives speeches, she constantly adjusts her attire. In Catching Fire, Effie is adorned with brilliant pumpkin colored locks, just as stunningly vibrant as the beautiful pink.

Is the voice of Effie Trinket still in your head?

After a while, they decided to take inspiration, again, from the film Auntie Mame in defining Effie’s now-signature voice. It wouldn’t have worked any other way. Most fans can still hear her voice in their heads even after they’ve finished the film.

Panem’s resident fashionista Effie Trinket, portrayed by Elizabeth Banks , is known for her outrageous looks. We’ve seen her sport crazy false lashes, wild hair colors, and plenty of bold fashion choices in first two Hunger Games films, but that’s about to change.

What kind of hair does Katniss have in The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games Hairstyles. Katniss starts out the movie with a good sporty look, having a simple side braid. Probably a good sporty hairstyle for going to the gym. The braid actually starts from her left side and works its way around to hang down over the right shoulder. There are a few scenes where she wears her hair up on in different styles…

Why are the characters so skinny in The Hunger Games?

You’d think if they’re so hungry that they are risking execution to hunt a few birds (and fail at hunting a deer) in the next district they would actually look hungry and at least reasonably skinny. Secondly, those family genetics are pretty strange.

What was the first Hunger Games movie about?

There are a lot of things about the first Hunger Games movie from 2012 that bothered me. First, Katniss Everdeen ( Jennifer Lawrence) is supposed to be from the poorest of the 12 districts, so why is she healthy, almost plump, looking?