Who ends up with Banri in Golden Time?

Who ends up with Banri in Golden Time?

On the night of the graduation ceremony he falls off a bridge, and as a result, suffers from retrograde amnesia, unable to remember anything before the accident. He is followed by his own ghost which left his body after the accident. He later becomes the boyfriend/fiance of Kouko Kaga.

Is Golden Time good ending?

It was good, I felt like the ending was forced. I loved the Golden Time ending! Initially I had been hoping Banri would choose Linda, by then end I was pleased he wouldn’t let go of Koko. It might have been nice to include an equally happy ending for the other characters though.

Do Banri and Koko end up together in the anime?

Koko was the first to know the full him, so she is the one who came first. The only reason Banri and Koko split up in the end is because of the memory issues. It wasn’t a true breakup because Koko told him they would get back together if he gets his memories of her back.

Does Banri cheat on Koko?

you can’t excuse banri for his actions. he cheated on koko with linda. it was banri to listen to those feelings and act on them.

Did Linda run over Banri?

We know now how banri lost his memories, by getting hit by linda on her scooter, and who was that mysterious figure with the flashlight shown in the third episode.

Does Koko love Banri?

Banri reveals to Koko that his memories from before his accident are returning and he would eventually return to his former self, and his memories since the accident will disappear. Koko reveals that she still loves him, but only broke up with him because she would not be able to bear him forgetting her.

Does Banri cheat on Kouko?

Kouko assures everyone present that she was really kidding, and that she knows that Banri would never cheat on her. She goes a little over the top about the subject, and gets chided by Linda who tells her to cut it out. Kouko, in turn, chides Banri for not telling her that Nana lived next door, but forgives him anyway.

Did Linda actually like Banri?

Banri Tada Linda grew up together with Banri in Shizuoka and entered the same school until High School up until after Banri lost all his past memories due to the accident. She is admittedly in love with Banri, but could not bring herself to date him because she knew this would not make him happy.

Does Koko cheat on Banri?

Is Golden Time bad?

It’s pretty good at portraying real relationships so it’s a good romance. It’s also really funny. It’s my personal favorite romance anime so I’d recommend it. But it’s pretty bad at portraying a realistic setting.

Did Linda crash into Banri?