Who are the main characters in Twilight fanfiction?

Who are the main characters in Twilight fanfiction?

This is essentially a recreation of the original tale of Twilight, only the main pairing is between Bella and Edythe. I feel their romance transcends gender and their love between souls is something worth celebrating in this form. The more I pondered it, the more I felt it live and breathe in my head.

What are the fandoms for the Twilight series?

Listing Works Dangerously Beautiful by Lovebeauty01 Fandoms: Twilight Series – Stephenie Meyer, The Fast and the Furious (2001) Mature Rabbit Paw by JaliceCookie Fandoms: Split (2016), Twilight Series – Stephenie Meyer Not Rated

Who was the vampire in Bella’s room in Twilight?

Bella’s cousin Drea unexpectedly arrived to visit with some interesting stories to tell. All was good until Drea found a certain vampire in Bella’s room the first night she was there. Edward was as surprised as she was to find an unknown woman in Bella’s room.

Who is Jillian from the Twilight series a writer?

Jillian is a writer traveling the country looking for her inspiration. She has no desire to stay in any one place but when she meets a group of large, handsome men on the reservation she may just have to rethink her life plan.

What did Jacob do to Bella in Twilight?

Jacob abandoned Bella, leaving her and their son destitute. Years later, the book she wrote about their struggles became a bestseller. Edward, a film producer and former child actor, wanted to option Bella’s book and turn it into a blockbuster. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan What will they do when Jacob comes back? 10 /?

Are there any outtakes from the Twilight series?

It’s pretty easy to tell from the years given which ones are outtake scenes to a main story, and which ones are stand-alone one shots. But most of the outtakes could probably be read alone, as well. A couple could be considered spoilers for some part of a main story, so I’ve put a warning note at the top of those.

Who is Jack leflech in transit Twilight?

Transit Twilight by K. J. Groening reviews. This retelling of Twilight replaces Bella Swan with Jack LeFlech, a young trans-man. It is very similar to the original story until my version of chapter 7. It diverges and introduces a love triangle with the character who replaces Eric from the original source.

Who are the most dangerous people in Twilight?

With this new life comes some of the most incredible people she has ever met, but also some of the most dangerous. Alex Clarke never wanted to be a target, or a victim, or a hero of any sort.