Who are the actors in the TV show The bill?

Who are the actors in the TV show The bill?

Series cast summary: Graham Cole P.C. Stamp / 1,195 episodes, 1984-2009 Jeff Stewart P.C. Hollis / 1,020 episodes, 1984-2008 Trudie Goodwin Sgt. June Ackland / 975 episodes, 1984-2007 Simon Rouse

Who are some famous actors from the 80’s?

Saundra Santiago is a versatile actress who has worked in television, movies and on the Broadway stage. She holds a BFA from the University of Miami, and an MFA from Southern Methodist University. She is also a member of the Actor’s Studio in New York City. She was born and raised in the Bronx. You

Who was the longest serving actor in the bill?

He is the longest serving actor to portray a character in a senior role. Andrew Lancel, as Neil Manson, and Alex Walkinshaw, as “Smithy”, also appeared in the series finale. The character of D.I. Roy Galloway appeared in the pilot episode, “Woodentop”, played by Robert Pugh.

How many episodes in the first series of the bill?

With serialisation, the name of the show changed from Woodentop to The Bill. Series one had 11 episodes and was broadcast in 1984, series two and three had 12 episodes each and were broadcast in 1985-6 and 1987 respectively.

Who was killed off in the bill series 19?

The most high-profile exit was that of Sergeant Matt Boyden, whose death was part of a crossover with new spin-off series Murder Investigation Team.

When did the last episode of the bill air?

Two episodes (468 and 469) were dropped from the schedules in late December 2006, and it is rumored that the stolen tapes contained scenes from these episodes. These scenes were re-filmed and the episodes aired in May 2007, titled as Blood Money (2007) (episode 468) and To Honour and Obey (2007) (episode 469).

Is the bill still a good TV show?

Although it still delivers good entertainment, the show has lost much of its grittiness (although in many ways it is probably more realistic).Up until the recent dramatic changes (the bombing of Sun Hill and resultant death of many of the main characters)there was little shown of the violence, blood etc that is part and parcel of real police work.