Which word or words go with Protect?

Which word or words go with Protect?

What is another word for protect?

defend guard
secure shield
harbourUK preserve
save screen
shelter avert

What’s the word for protecting yourself?

What is another word for self-protection?

survival preservation instinct
survival instinct self-preservation

What is the synonym and antonym of protect?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms protect. Antonyms: betray, endanger, imperil, abandon, expose. Synonyms: defend, fortify, guard, shield, preserve, cover, secure, save, vindicate.

What is it called when you protect someone?

precaution. noun. something done to protect people or things against possible harm or trouble.

What is an antonym for protection?

Opposite of protection from harm, damage, loss, or theft. distrust. doubt. uncertainty.

What does it mean to protect someone?

To protect someone or something means to prevent them from being harmed or damaged.

What is a antonym for protection?

What is the one word for protection from danger?

Some common synonyms of protect are defend, guard, safeguard, and shield. While all these words mean “to keep secure from danger or against attack,” protect implies the use of something (such as a covering) as a bar to the admission or impact of what may attack or injure.

What is a Guardee?

guardee. / (ˌɡɑːˈdiː) / noun. British informal a guardsman, esp considered as representing smartness and dash.

What is another word for legal protection?

What is another word for legal protection?

patent copyright
performing right protection
registered trademark warrant
document contract
agreement grant

What do you call someone who protects others?

guard Add to list Share. A person who protects something is called a guard.

What is the antonym for protection?

What is the opposite of protection?

negligence neglect
injury harm
hurt endangerment
hindsight abolition
danger ruin

What is a synonym for protection?

protection, shelter(noun) the condition of being protected. “they were huddled together for protection”; “he enjoyed a sense of peace and protection in his new home”. Synonyms: protective covering, aegis, security, tribute, trade protection, tax shelter, shelter, protective cover, auspices.

Is protector a noun?

Protector(noun) one having the care of the kingdom during the king’s minority; a regent. Protector(noun) a cardinal, from one of the more considerable Roman Catholic nations, who looks after the interests of his people at Rome; also, a cardinal who has the same relation to a college, religious order, etc.

What is a synonym for Protector?

protector(noun) Someone who protects or guards, by assignment or on his own initiative. Synonyms: sentry, guard. protector(noun) A device or mechanism which is designed to protect. Synonyms: guard, sentry. protector(noun) One who prevents interference.

What is the synonym for protect?

Synonyms for protect. to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm. Synonyms. defend. guard. preserve. safeguard. secure.