Which transmission cooler line is the return?

Which transmission cooler line is the return?

The lower line near the bottom will be the return line.

What size should transmission cooler lines be?

Transmission Line DIY Tips The sizes can run from 5/16 inch to 5/8 inch so that DIYer will need to be careful to choose the right size hose.

Does it matter which transmission line goes where?

Thanks for the help guys! The top hose from the transmission cooler goes to the top pass through nipple to the transmission and the bottom hose from the transmission cooler goes to the bottom pass through nipple into the bottom of the radiator.

Can I use rubber hose for transmission cooler lines?

You can use rubber hose, but make sure it’s transmission cooler line rated. The pressure is quite low (12-15 psi). Double clamp it or use FI type clamps instead of the worm-drive style.

Is transmission connected to radiator?

Car transmission lines connect your vehicle’s transmission to the vehicle’s radiator. Your car’s transmission lines are essential to preventing the transmission from overheating by carrying hot fluid away from the transmission until it is cooled and subsequently pumped back into the transmission.

Why do transmission lines go to radiator?

How do I know if my transmission cooler is clogged?

Signs Your Transmission Fluid Filter is Clogged (And What To Do About It)

  1. An Unexplained Rattle. Sometimes, you know exactly what’s making your vehicle rattle.
  2. Whirs or Whines.
  3. Leaking.
  4. Burning Smell.
  5. Problems Changing Gears.
  6. A Noisy Neutral.

How long does it take to replace transmission cooler lines?

Repairing the cooling line for your transmission can take quite a bit of time. You can expect to leave your vehicle at the repair shop for a day or two for this repair.

What do you call a transmission cooler fitting?

NPT or AN to Barb – used for transmission cooler to rubber line. AN To NPT – Used for transmission cooler to an fitting to braided line. Barb to Barb – Used to connect two rubber lines together. These fittings are common for when you install a transmission cooler and keep the existing rubber lines on the vehicle.

How are the cooling lines attached to the transmission?

The return cooler line is attached in a similar fashion completing the cooling loop. The repair or replacement of the transmission cooling lines may seem like a simple matter of removal and replacement but their location in the engine and the interference of other engine parts will be a challenge, especially for the not as skilled DIY mechanic.

Where is the transmission cooler on a Dodge?

Trans Cooler Return Line Chart Transmission Location 4L30E (Isuzu) Rear 4L60E Top 4L80E Lower front 4T40E Lower

Which is better transmission cooler lines or nylon lines?

Steel braided Transmission Cooler Lines Just like nylon lines, steel braided transmission cooler lines have a durable cover over the rubber lines. These are far more durable than rubber and are also stronger than nylon. With that added strength comes added cost.