Which member of AC DC has dementia?

Which member of AC DC has dementia?

Angus Young
AC/DC’s Angus Young became visibly emotional in a new interview as he discussed his late brother Malcolm Young’s battle with dementia. Appearing on Australia’s 60 Minutes to mark the release of ‘Power Up’, the interview took an emotional turn for Angus when talk turned to Malcolm’s battle and eventual death in 2017.

Does Angus Young use effects?

It’s well-documented that Angus Young is a no-nonsense player who prefers the sound of just a guitar and amp with no other effects. But there’s much more to Angus’ tone than just his timeless Gibson SG Standard and Marshall amp rig.

Why does Angus dress like a schoolboy?

Murray Engleheart, author of AC/DC biography Maximum Rock And Roll recalled how Angus’ sister came up with the idea of a school boy uniform revealing “He was going to Ashfield Boys’ High and he used to dash into the house after school, wouldn’t change and would practice guitar all night in his uniform, and his sister …

When did Angus Young of AC / DC retire?

Appearing on Sunday’s episode of Australian 60 Minutes, an emotional Angus Young spoke about his brother’s decline in health, after Malcolm’s retirement from the band in 2014. Angus, 65, who co-founded AC/DC with Malcolm, said the ‘hardest part was not so much him passing’, but rather watching his deterioration.

How did Angus Young deal with his brother’s dementia?

When talking about his brother’s battle with dementia, Angus says, “I think the hardest part was not so much in parting, because that was a kind of end, you know – the relief. The decline, that’s the hard part, because you knew him, and then to see that was gone.”

What did Angus Young say about Malcolm Young?

Angus Young opened up about watching his brother Malcolm Young battle dementia in a new interview with 60 Minutes Australia. Embedded below, the interview also featured singer Brian Johnson. Beginning at the 9:27 mark, the interview turns to the loss of Malcolm.

When did Malcolm Young of AC / DC Die?

Following Malcolm’s death in 2017, AC/DC released a statement that said: ‘Today it is with deep sadness that AC/DC has to announce the passing of Malcolm Young. ‘Malcolm, along with Angus, was the founder and creator of AC/DC. With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band.