Where is Turan now?

Where is Turan now?

Galatasaray S.K.#66 / Midfielder
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How old is Arda Turan?

34 years (January 30, 1987)
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What happened Arda?

Arda Turan received a suspended sentence of 2 years and 8 months after being found guilty of firing a gun to cause panic, illegal possession of weapons and intentional injury. Turan got into a brawl with Berkay Şahin in 2018 which ended with a broken nose for the pop star.

Where is Arda Turan from?

Fatih, Turkey
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Why did Arda Turan leave?

He played in Turkey until January of this year, when it was decided that his loan contract would be ended prematurely after 30 goals and two goals with the team from the Turkish capital.

What did Turan do?

Turan was found guilty of “intentionally injuring” a Turkish singer, before later firing an illegal firearm at the floor in a hospital. Turan does not make excuses for the incident. He has “made a lot of mistakes.” He accepts that he had to be punished. “I have faced what I needed to face,” he said.

How was Arda created?

Arda was created, together with the rest of Eä, through the Music of the Ainur, and was set apart as a dwelling place for the Children of Ilúvatar (that is, Elves and Men). They lit up Arda with great lamps, and the explosion of biological life that ensued became known as the First Spring.

What is the meaning of Turan?

Turan (Avestan: Tūiriiānəm‎, Middle Persian: Tūrān‎, Persian: توران‎, romanized: Turân, pronounced [t̪ʰuːˈɾɒːn], “The Land of Tur”) is a historical region in Central Asia. The term is of Iranian origin and may refer to a particular prehistoric human settlement, a historic geographical region, or a culture.

What does Arda stand for?

American Resort Development Association
ARDA is the face of vacation ownership. Based in Washington, D.C., the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) is the trade association for the timeshare industry.

How much did Barcelona pay for Arda Turan?

466,000 EUR (2021)
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Who is the ancestor of the Turanian people?

Turaj, whom ancient Iranian myths depict as the ancestor of the Turanians, is also a popular name and means Son of Darkness. The name Turan according to Iranian myths derives from the homeland of Turaj.

How old was Arda Turan when he joined Galatasaray?

At age 21, prior to the 2009–10 season, he was named captain of Galatasaray. Following a successful UEFA Euro 2008 campaign, Turan was ranked eighth in a selection of the 100 Best Young Football Players in the World piece published by Spanish magazine Don Balón in July 2008.

Where did the name of the Turan tribe come from?

The term is of Iranian origin and may refer to a particular prehistoric human settlement, a historic geographical region, or a culture. The original Turanians were an Iranian tribe of the Avestan age. German “Map of Iran and Turan”, dated 1850 (during the Qajar dynasty ), Turan territory indicated by orange line (here enhanced).

Where does the term Turan come from in Shahnameh?

In the Persian epic Shahnameh, the term Tūrān (“land of the Tūrya” like Ērān, Īrān = “land of the Ārya”) refers to the inhabitants of the eastern-Iranian border and beyond the Oxus.