Where does the word etc come from?

Where does the word etc come from?

Et cetera is a Latin phrase. Et means “and.” Cetera means “the rest.” The abbreviation of et cetera is etc.

Whats does etc mean?

Et cetera
Et cetera/Full name

What does etc mean in Latin?

et cetera
The Latin phrase et cetera has been used in English since the early Middle Ages and translates as “and others of the same kind” or “and so forth.” (Et means “and”; cētera means “the other, other part, that which remains.”) Earliest print evidence of its common abbreviation, etc., is from the 15th century, and it is …

Why is etcetera abbreviation etc?

“Etc.” is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase et cetera, meaning “and the rest.” (Et means “and” in French too.) Just say “et cetera” out loud to yourself to remind yourself of the correct order of the “T” and “C.” Also to be avoided is the common mispronunciation “excetera.” “And etc.” is a redundancy.

What does etc stand for in school?


Acronym Definition
ETC Estimated Time of Completion
ETC Educational Technology
ETC Entertainment Technology Center
ETC Everything to Connect

What is the synonym of etc?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for et cetera or etc., like: and-so-on, and-so-forth, and others, et al., and all the rest, and on and on, along with others, and-the-like, and-all, whatever and whatnot.

What does etc mean in business?

An exchange-traded commodity (ETC) is a type of security that can offer traders and investors without direct access to spot or derivatives commodities markets exposure to commodities such as metals, energy, and livestock.

What does P stand for in Latin?

P.S. post scriptum. “after what has been written”, “postscript” Used to indicate additions to a text after the signature of a letter.

What is the meaning of the word’etc’?

Define etc.. etc. synonyms, etc. pronunciation, etc. translation, English dictionary definition of etc.. abbreviation for et cetera Adv. 1. etc. – continuing in the same way and so forth, and so on, etcetera

Where does the Greek word et cetera come from?

Translated literally from Latin, et means ‘and’, while cētera means ‘the rest’; thus the expression means ‘and the rest (of such things)’. Et cetera is a calque of the Koine Greek καὶ τὰ ἕτερα ( kai ta hetera) meaning ‘and the other things’. The typical Modern Greek form is και τα λοιπά ( kai ta loipá ), ‘and the remainder’.

When to use etcetera or etc.In a sentence?

If your concern is to convey precise meaning, you need to decide what that “etc.” really includes and list those items so that each reader understands exactly the same thing. In other words, instead of using etcetera, the writer should decide what examples are important enough to use to illustrate a point—“etc.” could comprise a hundr

Which is the correct abbreviation for et cetera?

uk ​ /ɪtˈset. ər.ə/ us ​ /etˈset̬. ər.ə/ › abbreviation for et cetera: and other similar things. › abbreviation for et cetera (= and other similar things): › abbreviation for et cetera: and other similar things.