Where do I send my prescription for Express Scripts?

Where do I send my prescription for Express Scripts?


  • PO BOX 52150.
  • PHOENIX, AZ 85072-2150.
  • Where is the Express Scripts headquarters?

    St. Louis, Missouri, United States
    Express Scripts/Headquarters

    Can you call in a prescription to Express Scripts?

    For help with your prescription benefit or prescriptions filled through the Express Scripts Pharmacy, call Patient Customer Service at the number on your prescription ID card or call 800.282. 2881.

    Is Express Scripts mail order?

    Through the Express Scripts Pharmacy providers may prescribe up to 90 days’ worth of maintenance medicine through the mail. It’s the most cost effective way to fill prescriptions — and using home delivery helps your patients save money!

    Does CVS use Express Scripts?

    You can conveniently fill those prescriptions either through home delivery from the Express Scripts Pharmacy or at a retail pharmacy in the Smart90 network. CVS and Safeway pharmacies participate in your plan’s Smart90 network. Or, call Express Scripts at 800.988.

    What does ESI stand for Express Scripts?

    Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) is a Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

    What are preferred pharmacies for Express Scripts?

    Express Scripts Medicare has a broad network of pharmacies nationwide, including preferred retail pharmacies such as CVS Pharmacy®, Kroger, Walgreens and Walmart. We also offer preferred home delivery right to your mailbox from Express Scripts Pharmacy® for added safety and convenience at no additional cost.

    What is the contact number for Express Scripts?

    The customer service number of Express Scripts is 800.282.2881

    What is the customer service number for Express Scripts?

    Express Scripts Customer Toll Free Number: +1-800-711-5672. Express Scripts Customer Service Support Email Id: N/A. Express Scripts Corporate Head Office Address: Express Scripts Holding Company, One Express Way, Saint Louis, Missouri 63121, United States. Express Scripts Corporate Head Office Phone Number: +1-314-996-0900.

    What is the fax number for express script?

    The current location address for Express Scripts is 4750 E 450 S, , Whitestown , Indiana and the contact number is 201-269-5236 and fax number is 317-768-7001.