Where did Adam ekonomon and Jeannette Knudsen work?

Where did Adam ekonomon and Jeannette Knudsen work?

A few years earlier, Ekonomon had been supervising Knudsen at Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs in Akron, with both of them handling corporate law for Smucker.

Who is the Deputy General Counsel for Smucker’s?

Ekonomon, the deputy general counsel, recently expanded his credentials with a Masters (LLM) in Global Food Law from Michigan State University College of Law, where he also teaches Advertising Law in the same online program. At Smucker, he’s the go-to guy for such matters as food and regulatory compliance and advertising and marketing.

When did Jeannette Knudsen join the Smucker Company?

Then the mother of two young children, Knudsen was the first to join Smucker, on a part-time basis, becoming corporate counsel in August, on the heels of the company’s acquisitions of Jif and Crisco from P&G. Knudsen’s to-do list ever growing with the company’s expansion, a couple of months later she beckoned her former boss to come aboard.

How much did Folgers pay for J M Smucker?

Its shareholders garnered a 53.5 percent stake in Smucker, with Smucker assuming $350 million of Folgers’ debt and issuing a one-time dividend of $5 per share to its own shareholders prior to the deal. “A clear indication of the strength of the combined businesses,” Smucker termed the acquisition.

Who was the corporate counsel for J M Smucker?

Which describes the scenario that Jeannette Knudsen and Adam Ekonomon faced in the summer of 2008, in their respective roles as in-house corporate counsel for The J.M. Smucker Company, which had been in sensitive negotiations to acquire the Folgers coffee brand from Procter & Gamble.

Why did P & G buy J M Smucker?

For P&G, the deal represented another move from the food industry, allowing it to concentrate on its higher growth segments of health care and beauty products.