Where can I dig for Sector 5 Key?

Where can I dig for Sector 5 Key?

The Key to Sector 5 can be found near the smashed up plane on the main level of the dig site. Use the screenshot below to help guide you. The Key to Sector 5 will be in the item box in the morning. Exit Bone Village and take the Highwind to Midgar – just southeast of Bone Village.

What order should I push the barrels in ff7?

The correct order of barrels to drop is: the leftmost barrel (in the back), the far right barrel (in the back), and the far right barrel (in the front). Simply tell Aeris to hold on each time, examine each barrel, and choose the top option to drop it. This way, Aeris won’t have to fight anybody.

Should I take Aeris home or to Sector 7?

If you pick the dialogue option “Go on to Sector 7” Aeris’s approval will rise a bit (Aeris +1), while picking “Take her home” will do nothing. Talk to Aeris after she wanders off and endure some more banter about Cloud’s past in SOLDIER. Shortly a wagon will show up, bearing a familiar passenger.

How do I get to Sector 5 in ff7 remake?

There’s a locked gate at the top of a set of stairs in the Steel Mountain area of Sector 5. To unlock it, you’ll need to wait until the final batch of side missions are unlocked att the end of the game. They are opened as the reward for completing one of them.

How many sector 5 keycards are there?

There are six keycards that can be found.

How old is Midgar?

thirty-one years old
Midgar is only thirty-one years old by the time it is destroyed.

How do you sneak past Aeris?

In order to get past Aeris you have to make sure not to run or the floor boards will creak. Walk past her room and exit out the front door. Note: The default movement in the PlayStation 4 version of the game is to run. You will need to use the D-Pad in order to make Cloud walk.

Who should take Aeris somewhere safe?

You can ask either Tifa or Barret to take Aeris “somewhere safe”. This just means that Aeris and that person will form another party. You can name the lion at this point, default is Red XIII.

Where is Chadley Sector 5 Slums?

Those who find themselves in Chapter 14 of the title will find Chadley again in the Sector 5 Slums, where he was located before in Chapter 8. Our final chapter, where one of the character’s locations are found, is in Chapter 16 on the 63rd floor of the Combat Simulator Lounge.

Where is Sector 5 Slums graveyard?

The Graveyard in Sector 5 Slums in the remake of Final Fantasy VII Paying Respects quest is in the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills area.

Should I dispose the M unit?

M Unit – Diverting an M Unit won’t do much, if anything at all, to hinder the Air Buster. However, since they don’t hinder the Airbuster, we don’t recommend disposing of these unless you desperately need items and are poor (you’ll be able to purchase items at a vending machine right before facing the Airbuster).

How many sectors are there in Midgar Final Fantasy?

On top of the structure lies the city proper, divided into eight sectors, while underneath it lie the slums for the city’s unfortunate and downtrodden. Midgar was once eight individual towns, but their names have been forgotten in favor of referring to the different areas as sectors.

Where do you find the key to sector 5?

The Key to Sector 5 Returning to Midgar – Optional Side Quest You can complete the Key to Sector 5 side quest and reenter the Midgar slums anytime after Cloud rejoins your party after you’ve rescued Cloud from Mideeland gone through the Lifestream scenes.

Who is the mayor of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII?

Midgar’s construction and development is overseen by Shinra’s head of urban development, Reeve Tuesti . Construction of the city began in 1976, to provide residence for the Shinra Electric Power Company’s growing investment and employment base. The city is under continuous construction throughout the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII .

Who are the main characters in Midgar in chaos?

Midgar in chaos. Cloud Strife, working with a new Avalanche cell led by Barret Wallace, fights Shinra to protect the planet. Shinra uses extreme measures to defeat the terrorists by dropping the Sector 7 plate to crush the slums. Aerith is kidnapped for Shinra’s Neo Midgar project, and Avalanche attacks the Shinra Building to save her.