When did Nottingham ice Arena open?

When did Nottingham ice Arena open?

29 April 2000
The National Ice Centre was the first twin Olympic-sized ice rink in the UK. The final cost of the project was £43million. The arena was inaugurated by English band, Simply Red on 29 April 2000. By 2002, the arena was not as popular as planned.

Does Nottingham have an ice rink?

Glide into the exciting world of ice skating at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham. Choose from a variety of fun sessions throughout week including family skate, club sessions and foam parties. A lively and fun activity to enjoy with family or friends, ice skating is guaranteed to get your body moving.

How much does it cost to build an ice rink UK?

How much does an ice rink cost to build? A. This varies, but a sample taken from the construction of 9 UK rinks costs range from £542 to £1,379 pm2, roughly therefore in the region of £2 million to £5 million.

Where was the old Nottingham ice rink?

The first ice rink (housed within the Arena) was opened on 1 April 2000 by Olympic Gold Medalist, Jayne Torvill. The second Olympic Rink was opened the following year, on 7 April 2001….National Ice Centre.

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Location Bolero Square The Lace Market Nottingham NG1 1LA United Kingdom

Who is Honoured in Bolero Square Nottingham?

Their career was portrayed in the 2018 biopic Torvill & Dean. Both are from Nottingham, England, where the local National Ice Centre is accessed through a public area known as Bolero Square, in honour of the pair’s Olympic achievements.

What did the Motorpoint Arena used to be called?

Cardiff International Arena
Cardiff International Arena (currently known as the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff for sponsorship reasons and formerly known as Cardiff International Arena & Convention Centre) is an indoor exhibition centre and events arena located in Cardiff, Wales, and was opened on 10 September 1993 by singer Shirley Bassey.

What is the capacity of Nottingham Arena?

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham/Capacity

How much does it cost to keep an ice rink frozen?

Originally Answered: what does it cost to operate an ice skating rink? Quite allot, nearly 40000 dollars a month to keep the local one going. They have several dehumidifiers, plus about 70 pipes under the ice, all of which is refrigerating.

Do ice rinks make money?

That money can come from wealthy investors, non-profit organizations or taxpayers. Only rarely does it come from actual profits generated by operation of the rink. There are profitable rinks, but they are few and far between. There is one common thread among profitable rinks.

When was Nottingham ice rink built?

The Nottingham Ice Stadium was an ice rink in Nottingham, England from 1939 to 2000. It had a seating capacity of 2800 for Ice hockey games. The building was first opened in 1939 but it was quickly called upon for other purposes.

Are Torvill and Dean OBE?

Skating legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean hope you enjoyed the return of Dancing on Ice this year and the subsequent Dancing on Ice tour – a spectacular live show that performed across the UK in 2018. Click here for details….

Born 7 October 1957, Nottingham, England
Honours MBE awarded 1981, OBE awarded 2000

When did Torvill and Dean get their OBE?

1999 – Torvill and Dean are awarded an OBE.

Is the National Ice Centre still in operation?

Our call centre operation is currently closed. Please direct any queries to [email protected] or message us via our social media channels. Thank you for your patience.

Where are the speed skaters at the National Ice Centre?

The National Ice Centre is home to the GB Speed Skating Team who compete in the Winter Olympics, and home to CBBC’s Ice Stars so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for speed skaters and Ice Stars on your next visit! The Tots Zone is an area in the centre of the ice dedicated to under 5s and their parents.

How old do you have to be to skate at National Ice Centre Nottingham?

Glide into the exciting world of ice skating at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham. Children under the age of 5 can skate for free in a dedicated Tots Zone to help them grow confidence on the ice at their own pace. Choose from a variety of fun sessions throughout week including family skate, club sessions and foam parties.