When did Germany sink the Housatonic?

When did Germany sink the Housatonic?

February 3, 1917
Sinking by German submarine on February 3, 1917, of American vessel chartered by British firm for term of war at less than one-fourth of current rate.

What ship sank the USS Housatonic?

Housatonic is recognized as being the first ship sunk in combat by a submarine when she was attacked and sunk by H.L….USS Housatonic (1861)

United States
Commissioned 29 August 1862
Fate Sunk 17 February 1864
General characteristics

Why did the sinking of the Lusitania upset the US?

It was revealed that the Lusitania was carrying about 173 tons of war munitions for Britain, which the Germans cited as further justification for the attack. The United States eventually protested the action, and Germany apologized and pledged to end unrestricted submarine warfare.

How many people died on the Housatonic?

Hunley approached just under the surface, avoiding detection until the last moments, then embedded and remotely detonated a spar torpedo that rapidly sank the 1,240 long tons (1,260 t) sloop-of-war with the loss of five Union sailors….

Sinking of USS Housatonic
5 killed 1 sloop-of-war sunk 8 killed 1 submarine sunk

Why did Germany sink US ships ww1?

Between this announcement and the U.S. declaration of war on April 6, Germany sank 10 U.S. merchant ships. The Housatonic, first ship sunk after the announcement of unrestricted submarine warfare was carrying wheat to the British government. The sinking of the Vigilancia killed 15 crew members, including six Americans.

How many American ships were sunk by German U-boats in ww2?

Of the U-boats, 519 were sunk by British, Canadian, or other allied forces, while 175 were destroyed by American forces; 15 were destroyed by the Soviets and 73 were scuttled by their crews before the end of the war for various reasons.

Were there bodies found in the Hunley?

Here is what we know as of now…. Crew Remains: Archaeologists excavating the Hunley after its recovery in 2000 found the crewmembers’ remains were largely found at their stations, with no sign of panic or desperate attempts to escape the submarine.

How did the USS Alligator sink?

Towed by the USS Sumpter, the Alligator left Washington, D.C., for Port Royal on March 31, 1863. On April 2, a fierce storm forced the crew of the struggling Sumpter to cut the submarine loose off the coast of North Carolina in an area known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” It was never seen again.

Did the US benefit from ww1?

World War I led to an economic and industrial boom, as factory owners known as “Merchants of Death” made billions off of supplying the Allies war effort. After the wars, the US benefited as well. Both times, the economies of European countries were devastated by the war (especially after WWII).

What really sank the Hunley?

On February 17, 1864, the H.L. Hunley sank from an explosion shortly after it plunged a live torpedo into the hull of the Union warship USS Housatonic.

Where did the USS Housatonic get its name?

USS Housatonic (1861) Named for the Housatonic River of New England . Housatonic was launched on 20 November 1861, by the Boston Navy Yard at Charlestown, Massachusetts, sponsored by Miss Jane Coffin Colby and Miss Susan Paters Hudson; and commissioned there on 29 August 1862, with Commander William Rogers Taylor in command.

When did the Housatonic Railroad start and end?

Housatonic Railroad, a railroad that operated independently 1836–1892, as a subsidiary 1892–1970s, and a separate company started in 1983 in western Connecticut. SS Georgia (1890), a German passenger liner seized by the United States during World War I, renamed Housatonic, and sunk by a German submarine.

Where is the wreck of the Housatonic shipwreck?

The wreck of the American converted ocean liner, the S.S. Housatonic, lies twenty miles south-west of Bishop Rock, Isles of Scilly [1] . The vessel is one of many wrecks situated off the south coast of the United Kingdom dating from the period of the First World War.

Where is the Housatonic River in Massachusetts?

Housatonic may refer to: Housatonic, Massachusetts, a census-designated place in the town of Great Barrington Housatonic River, a river in western Massachusetts and western Connecticut, and the source for other uses of the word Housatonic Valley, the valley and watershed of the Housatonic River