What was the New Norcia mission?

What was the New Norcia mission?

New Norcia Mission was the collective name for the St Mary’s Mission (from 1848) and the St Joseph’s Native School and Orphanage (from 1861) which were ‘segregated’ and run as separate institutions by the Benedictine monks and nuns at New Norcia, 120 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia.

Why is New Norcia a special place?

Here Benedictine monks move quietly amongst historical buildings on their way to pray together seven times daily. But it’s not just the monks’ dedication to peace that makes New Norcia so special. It’s also the town’s eclectic monastic, Aboriginal and European heritage which the monks invite all visitors to discover.

When did the Benedictines come to Australia?

They had volunteered for foreign mission work and were sent to Australia in 1846 and settled in Aboriginal lands in an area approximately seventy miles north of Perth, which they called New Norcia in honour of St Benedict’s birthplace. A number of outlying mission stations were established.

Do Benedictines still exist today?

There are now over 100 Benedictine houses across America. Most Benedictine houses are part of one of four large Congregations: American-Cassinese, Swiss-American, St. Scholastica, and St. Benedict.

How many monks are in the New Norcia?

7 monks
There are currently 7 monks living in the monastery.

Where can I buy New Norcia bread?

Buy New Norcia bread is available from the museum gift shop and the Roadhouse; New Norcia Nutcake and Dom Salvado Pan Chocolatti can be bought from the museum, Roadhouse, and the New Norcia Hotel; New Norcia Abbey Wines are only available at the hotel.

Is New Norcia worth visiting?

That’s why a proper tour of New Norcia is so worthwhile – you get to dig under the surface to discover there is a lot more to this place then their freshly baked bread, their surprisingly tasty good 7% Abbey Ale beer and their locally produced and award-winning olive oil.

What did Rosendo Salvado do?

Rosendo Salvado Rotea OSB (1 March 1814 – 29 December 1900) was a Spanish Benedictine monk, missionary, bishop, author, founder and first abbot of the Territorial Abbey of New Norcia in Western Australia.

When did New Norcia Catholic college close?

As an adult, Lesley ‘hit the drink’ and rarely spoke about her experiences. She died aged 34. At the New Norcia museum, a permanent exhibition paints a largely positive picture of life at St Joseph’s in the building that housed the girls until its closure in 1974.

What is there to do in New Norcia WA?

Things to see

  • New Norcia Heritage Trail.
  • Museum and Art Gallery.
  • New Norcia Monastery.
  • New Norcia Hotel.
  • Abbey Church.
  • Other Buildings.
  • Bishop’s Well and Bishop Torres Beehouse.

Who are the Benedictine monks in New Norcia?

Founded in 1847 by Spanish Benedictine Monks, the town has had many purposes; a mission, a monastery, a provider of education and now as a place of spiritual retreat. The Monastery, where the monks live, work and pray, is at the heart of New Norcia. The monks of New Norcia live according to…

Who are the monks of Birra Nursia in Norcia?

Birra Nursia is brewed by the Benedictine monks of Norcia, the guardians of the legacy of St. Benedict in the city of his birth. Inaugurated in 2012, Birra Nursia is the monks’ way to live out the maxim of St. Benedict that says true monks live by the work of their own hands.

What’s the history of the town of New Norcia?

Change has also come in the shape of a growing tourism business and since the 1980s, hospitality at New Norcia has flourished and diversified. Today the town attracts thousands of visitors each year and the Community offers guided tours of the town where you can see (and hear) the history of New Norcia brought to life.

When is mass held at New Norcia monastery?

New Norcia is also a parish and Mass is held Monday to Saturday at 7.30am and on Sundays at 9am. Join us in the monastery guesthouse and enter into the monastic rhythm and balance of prayer, work, lectio divina, hospitality and community life.