What type of leaves does coleus have?

What type of leaves does coleus have?

Leaves are ovate to oblong toothed and frequently feature a mixture of colors and patterns including red, burgundy, and pink. This plant is grown for its multi-colored foliage. This plant has opposite, simple leaves on 4-angled stems. They are often blotched with various colors and patterns.

Can you grow a coleus from a leaf?

Equally as easy as growing coleus from seed is taking coleus cuttings to root and grow. Next, remove all of the leaves from the lower half of the cutting. If desired, dip the cutting in rooting hormone. Prepare the soil you will be rooting the coleus cutting in by making sure that it is thoroughly moistened.

What is the Phyllotaxy of coleus?

Coleus is a favorite plant for teaching about apical meristems and leaf production because it has decussate phyllotaxy (that is, each node has two opposite leaf primordia, the next node down also has two, but which are arranged at 90 degrees from the two above).

Do coleus have square stems?

Coleus is a member of the Labitae or Mint family. Mints may be either annuals or perennials but always have a square shaped stem. Coleus is a horticultural annual that will grow 2-3 Feet. It has oppositely arranged, toothed and variegated leaves.

What are the different types of coleus?

Mexican mint
Coleus/Lower classifications

Do coleus reseed themselves?

There are many plants that reseed themselves. Popular flowering plants that will come back year after year can include annuals, biennials and perennials. Annuals – popular annuals that reseed include forget-me-nots, coleus and marigolds.

Is Coleus a sun or shade plant?

Coleus thrive in cool, evenly moist, well-drained soil. Consistent moisture is good, but soggy conditions cause root disease. Watering should complement available sun. Some modern coleus varieties handle full sun, but most still flourish with at least dappled shade and direct sun limited to morning hours.

How many types of coleus are there?

What kind of flowers are on a Coleus plant?

They have square stems and small, blue, two-lipped flowers borne in spikes. The leaves are often variegated with colourful patterns of magenta and green, though other colour combinations have been developed. Common coleus ( Plectranthus scutellarioides) is grown for its attractive foliage.

What kind of light does Coleus scutellarioides need?

If grown as a houseplant, it requires bright light. Remove flowers as they appear and pinch back stems to promote bushy leaf growth. Too much sun will cause plants to wilt, too much shade causes them to become leggy. It is easily grown from stem cuttings in potting soil or a glass of water.

How tall does a Coleus nettle plant get?

Varieties of common coleus, or painted nettle (Plectranthus scutellarioides, formerly Coleus blumei), from Java, are well-known house and garden plants up to one metre (three feet) tall. They have square stems and small, blue, two-lipped flowers borne in spikes.

Can a Coleus nettle be damaged by deer?

These plants are seldom damaged by deer. Some dwarf forms exist that may be labeled under the former name Coleus pumilus; they have a trailing habit, bright coloration, and are excellent in mixed containers. Name Changes: Many Solenostemon and Plectranthus species have been moved to the genus Coleus.