What language is spoken in Turku Finland?

What language is spoken in Turku Finland?


Turku Turku – Åbo
Population by native language
• Finnish 88.1% (official)
• Swedish 5.2%
• Others 6.7%

Is Turku Swedish?

Turku is also one of Finland’s biggest cities and its population is approximately 180 000. Turku is located in the region of Southwest Finland and it is the capital of the Province of Western Finland. Turku is officially a bilingual city and roughly 5% of its inhabitants speak Swedish as their mother tongue.

Is Turku worth visiting?

Are you wondering why you should visit Turku? Well, the short version of the answer is that it’s a fun city that offers its best in summer, when the days are sunny and long and you can chill on the Aura River with the locals.

How old is Helsinki?

About 471 years
The King then ordered the burghers of Rauma, Ulvila, Porvoo and Tammisaari to move to Helsinki; the date on which this order was issued, 12.6. 1550, is regarded as the date on which the city was founded.

Is Turku safe?

Turku is a safe study destination Aside from being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Finland is also very safe for students, travellers, and families. According to the World Economic Forum, Finland is the safest country in the world and has the least organised crime.

What is Turku known for?

The oldest city in Finland and formerly the nation’s capital, Turku was once the most important city in the country (in the eyes of many locals it still is). It has a rich seafaring history and is well-known for its vibrant harbor, marvelous Gothic cathedral, medieval castle, and large student population.

Is Turku a nice place to live?

Turku, Finland, is among the top cities with a free business environment. According to our city rankings, this is a good place to live with high ratings in housing, commute and safety.