What is the white cable for monitors?

What is the white cable for monitors?

DVI connector
Example of a traditional, analog VGA cable Notice that the primary distinction for the DVI connector is that the color is white instead of blue, and the DVI connector contains more pins in a rectangular shape. The two ports are physically not compatible, and therefore each cable will only fit the correct port.

What is the White VGA cable?

VGA and DVI connectors are used to transmit video from a source (like a computer) to a display device (like a monitor, TV or projector). You can easily tell them apart because VGA connectors (and ports) are blue while DVI connectors are white. In contrast to HDMI, neither VGA nor DVI support audio.

What is the D cable for monitor?

The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) standard uses one of three types of connectors: DVI-D for digital connection; DVI-A for analog connection; and DVI-I, compatible with both digital and analog connections. The DVI-A connector for analog use is not in general use and can be disregarded when choosing monitor products.

What is a blue monitor cable?

The Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector is a standard connector used for computer video output. Originating with the 1987 IBM PS/2 and its VGA graphics system, the 15-pin connector went on to become ubiquitous on PCs, as well as many monitors, projectors and high definition television sets.

What is better VGA or DisplayPort?

HDMI: Audio and video signal, best for TV to PC connections. DisplayPort (DP): The best connector for an audio and video signal, and can transmit 144Hz up to 4K. VGA: Old, legacy video connector. Only to be used when nothing else available.

What is a DisplayPort cable for?

DisplayPort looks similar to HDMI but is a connector more common on PCs than TVs. It still allows for high-definition video and (in many cases) audio, but its standards are a bit different. On modern monitors, you’ll likely find any of the following: DisplayPort 1.3: Supports up to 4K at 120Hz or 8K at 30Hz.

What cable is used to connect a monitor to a computer?

Most computers have the VGA, DVI and HDMI connection ports with some laptops coming with thunderbolt, USB ports and an HDMI adapter only. So, for example, if your monitor has a VGA connection, and so does your computer, then use a VGA cable to connect the two.