What is the salary of sub postmaster?

What is the salary of sub postmaster?

The highest salary for a Sub Postmaster in India is ₹56,657 per month. The lowest salary for a Sub Postmaster in India is ₹56,657 per month.

What is the work of sub postmaster?

General purpose duty like painting of letter boxes in the sub division, arranging hired accommodation for post offices, maintenance of mail lines etc. At sub Divisional level he maintains liaison with State Government authorities, and important public persons and customers. Any other duty assigned from time to time.

Are postmasters paid well?

The average annual pay for postmasters and mail superintendents was $75,660 as of 2017. The top 10 percent of postmasters earn $92,340 or above while the lowest earning 10 percent average $62,810 or less.

Is Postmaster a gazetted officer?

The answer is, “Yes, the postmaster can be a gazetted officer”.

What is the starting salary of postal assistant?

SSC CHSL Post-wise Salary Structure

SSC CHSL Posts SSC CHSL Pay Scales
Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA) Rs. 19,900 – 63,200/-
Postal Assistant (PA) Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-
Sorting Assistant (SA) Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-
Data Entry Operator (DEO): Pay Level-4 Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-

Is postmaster a gazetted officer?

Which post is higher in post office?

The IPoS cadre officers are the higher grade officers of the post office hierarchy in India….Indian Postal Service (IPoS) – Grades and Pay Scales.

Rank Pay Level
Postmaster General Rs.131100
Director of Postal Services Rs. 78800
Assistant Director/Assistant Postmaster General Rs. 67700
SSPO/SSRM Rs. 56100

How long does it take to become a postmaster?

To secure a postmaster position, one to five years of experience is required….Career Requirements.

Education Requirements High school diploma or equivalent; associate’s or bachelor’s
Experience 1-5 years

How much does a sub postmaster make in the UK?

The national average salary for a Sub Postmaster is £34,406 in United Kingdom, which is 12% higher than the salary offered by Post Office for this job. How much should I negotiate my salary as a Sub Postmaster at Post Office?

What’s the pay scale for a post office Postmaster?

At all levels the accurate and efficient delivery of the mail and promotion of USPS services is your end goal. The postmaster salary scale is broken down into pay grades and years like most post office jobs. Salary is based on time in grade and the mail volume and customer base of a post office.

Who are the highest paid postal service employees?

All information is from the database at FedsDataCenter.com. The data for this free service are provided by the U.S. Postal Service. The overall salary levels for salaried employees in the Postal Agency went down between 2016 and 2017. That is not a surprise for an organization losing large amounts of money each year.

Who is the manager of a post office?

A postmaster is best viewed as the manager of a local post office. Depending on the size of the facility, the postmaster sorts mail, addresses customer concerns, manages substitutes, conducts reviews and safety discussions, audits the pay drawers of clerks, orders supplies and ensures the physical office is maintained.