What is the red stapler from Office Space?

What is the red stapler from Office Space?

Milton’s Swingline Red Stapler is the perfect tool for any movie buff. Keep a watchful eye on this iconic red stapler from Office Space, which is sure to be the talk of your office….

Brand Swingline
Capacity Description Full Strip

Who has the red stapler in the office?

Office Space fans surely know that red Swingline staplers — like the one lead character Milton (Stephen Root) held so dear (when it wasn’t stolen from him) in the 1999 cult classic — exist in the real world. But to celebrate the Mike Judge-directed film’s 20th anniversary on Feb.

What model stapler is in Office Space?

apple red Swingline stapler
A candy-apple red Swingline stapler plays a prominent role in “Office Space,” a dark, low-profile 1999 comedy about a fictitious Texas software company and the everyday weirdos who work there. One is Milton, who devotes his workdays to guarding his red Swingline against pilfering by covetous co-workers.

When did Swingline make red stapler?

The movie gave rise to such overwhelming popularity, though, that in April of 2002, Swingline began selling its first red stapler — an office product which, if it weren’t for Office Space, would have never existed.

Can I have my stapler office space?

We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could just go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, OK? Milton Waddams : Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler…

What movie has a red stapler?

Office Space
Milton’s stapler needed to pop on the screen. A production designer painted it red, tweaked the shape with putty, and the most famous stapler in movie history was born. Released in theaters on Feb. 19, 1999, Office Space was initially a box-office bust.

Can I have my stapler Office Space?

How do you unlock a stapler?

Hold the top of the stapler magazine with two fingers and slowly, while maintaining firm pressure, start pulling the lid apart from the part of the magazine that holds the staple. Be careful not to do this too quickly, or the lid might again fly open, spraying the staples all over your office or desk.

Is the red stapler in office space real?

In the latest Movie Legends Revealed, discover the strange story of how the red stapler in Office Space became a reality. MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: Office Space fans forced Swingline to start making red staplers.

What kind of stapler was used in office space?

Swingline made red MINI-staplers for years… But not regular staplers. Office Space was not a big hit when it was first released in theaters, but became a cult classic when it was on home video. Fans began to demand red staplers and finally, in April 2002, Swingline debuted their red classic stapler…

When did the Red Stapler first come out?

Fans began to demand red staplers and finally, in April 2002, Swingline debuted their red classic stapler… They’ve been making the red stapler ever since. The legend is…

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