What is the reaction for CuSO4 NaOH?

What is the reaction for CuSO4 NaOH?

How to Balance: CuSO4 + NaOH = Cu(OH)2 + Na2SO4| Breslyn.org.

What is the balanced equation for CuSO4 NaOH?

CuSO4+NaOH—>Cu(OH)2+Na2SO4. FeCl3+NH4Cl—>Fe(OH)3+NaCl. MnO2+HCl —>MnCl2+H2O+Cl2. Na+H2O—>NaOH+H2.

What is the chemical equation of CuSO4?

Copper(II) sulfate/Formula

How do you balance Zn NaOH?

Balance the chemical equation by ion- electron method.

Is CuSO4 an acid or base?

CuSO4 will be acidic in solution. This can be considered from a number of directions:CuSO4 is the reaction product of a strong acid (H2SO4) and a weak base ( Cu(OH)2)Or else, when CuSO4 is dissolved in water it dissociates:CUSO4 ↔ Cu+ + SO42-The SO2- ion is strongly acidic in aqueous solutions, whereas Cu.

What type of reaction is CuSO4 5H2O and heat?

Problem: When copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4•5H2O) is heated, it decomposes to the dehydrated form. The waters of hydration are released from the solid crystal and form water vapor. The hydrated form is medium blue, and the dehydrated solid is light blue.

What kind of reaction is NaOH FeCl3?

Type of Chemical Reaction: For this reaction we have a double replacement reaction. Balancing Strategies: This is a double displacement reaction. It is helpful to count the OH- as one thing since you have it on both sides of the equation (see video solution in “Show Balanced Equation”).

What makes a precipitate with NaOH?

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a base that reacts with aqueous solutions containing metallic ions. The hydroxide (OH-1) ion reacts with metallic ions to form a precipitate, which is a solid.

What happens when Zn metal reacts with NaOH?

Zinc react with excess sodium hydroxide to form sodium zincate(Na2ZnO2) along with hydrogen gas. Zinc reacts with NaOH to form sodium zincate with the evolution of hydrogen gas.