What is the music on the EDF advert?

What is the music on the EDF advert?

EDF Energy Advert Music – Show Zingy Your Bill Song Title: I Feel Love. Artist/Singer: Donna Summer.

Who sings the EDF advert busy doing nothing?

Richard M. Sherman’s
So while the visual footage of the TVC tells its story in a reasonably familiar way, this standout part of the story is underlined in a unique fashion – by a sing-along tune, Richard M. Sherman’s Busy Doing Nothing.

Where is EDF advert filmed?

It was shot at EDF locations across the UK including Hinkley Point B power station and the Hinkley Point C construction site, a solar panel installation on the roof of a Tesco in Bicester, its battery storage facility in West Burton, Teesside offshore wind farm, Torness power station in Scotland and Dorenell wind farm …

What is the song on the All 4 advert?

Channel 4 Advert Music – ‘True Colour TV’ Trailer Song Title: True Colours. Artist/Singer: Asifa Lahore. Download the original Studio Killers version from: iTunes…

Who sings at the end of Christopher Robin?

Richard Sherman himself
“Busy Doing Nothing” and “Christopher Robin” are both performed by Richard Sherman himself and appear in the end credits.

Who sings the song in the Specsavers ad?

Vocals. Palliser’s recording of the Irish folk song “Mo Ghile Mear” has been used on the Specsavers ‘Sheep’ advert since 2008.

What does Winnie the Pooh say at the end of Christopher Robin?

“I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I have been.” – Pooh. Pooh does it again. His delicate words are simply stating the obvious, but he finds a way to make it so much more than that. To me, this quote was powerful because sometimes you need to go in a different direction in life.

What does pooh say to Robin?

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think,” said Christopher Robin to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Who sang the song when you’re smiling?

Louis Armstrong
When You’re Smiling/Artists

What is the tagline of the EDF Energy advert?

The advert video shows people using a variety of electric transportation methods, from cars and e-bikes, to skateboards and scooters. This EDF ad finishes with the tagline ‘Generation Electric.

What kind of energy does EDF Energy use?

Its unique combination of wind, nuclear and solar energy production is highlighted in a new TV ad, the first since EDF consolidated its UK brand creative and media accounts into Havas earlier this year.

Why did EDF do the busy doing nothing commercial?

Accompanied by video on demand and digital executions, it positions EDF as an energy firm making a tangible difference in helping the nation to achieve its net-zero ambitions.

Who is the director of the EDF commercial?

It was created by Dan Cole and Andy Garnett at EDF’s lead strategic and creative agency, Havas London, and directed by Academy Films’ Marcus Söderlund, best known for his cinematic spots for brands including Audi, Volvo, Honda and Vodafone.