What is the meaning of Lalique?

What is the meaning of Lalique?

(læˈlik ; lɑlik ; French lalik ) noun [also L-] an art nouveau style of cut glass or crystal with figures of animals, flowers, etc. in relief.

What is Lalique known for?

Lalique is a French glassmaker, founded by renowned glassmaker and jeweller René Lalique in 1888. Lalique is best known for producing glass art, including perfume bottles, vases, and hood ornaments during the early twentieth century.

Why is René Lalique important?

Over the next decade, René Lalique forged his reputation. He won competitions, exhibited his work and created jewellery for well-known entertainers such as actress Sarah Bernhardt. His desire to “create something that had never been seen before” earned him the accolade of “inventor of modern jewellery”.

Does Lalique appreciate in value?

Mid-market Lalique is appreciating more quickly than the top stuff. The ‘Ceylan’ opalescent vase with love birds of 1924, worth £2,000 at auction in 1989, now fetches nearly £3,500. In the sale, one has an estimated price of between £1,500 and £2,500.

Why is Lalique so expensive?

Lalique is expensive because it is costly to make. Bataille said the molds for the crystal horse heads, cats, birds, bowls, plates, vases and many other items cost from $5,000 to $10,000. And, it takes from five to 10 years to train a Lalique craftsman. LALIQUE IS lead glass, either blown in the mold or pressed.

Why is Lalique expensive?

Is Lalique an Art Deco?

An exceptional artist and astute industrialist, René Jules Lalique is considered one of the driving forces of Art Deco. In the mid-1920s, Lalique was at the forefront of commercial design production. His techniques gave rise to a style that celebrated contrasts between clear and frosted glass.

How do you clean Lalique?

We recommend that you wash Lalique crystal items by hand, as crystal is sensitive to temperature shock. Using a soft sponge, apply warm water with mild soap at a consistant temperature. Do not use metallic pads or scouring sponges. Allow water to drain.

How valuable is Lalique?

What is the meaning of the name Lalique?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Lalique. A style of Art Nouveau glassware and jewelry/jewellery; properly, that from the Lalique factory. Etymology: The surname of René Lalique, French designer.

What does the Peacock mean in Lalique jewellery?

These crystal duos slip onto the wrist and stack together to accessorize any outfit. Symbol of immortality, renewal and wealth, the peacock holds a strong power of seduction. For its new Paon jewellery collection, Lalique delivers a graphic and stylish interpretation of this totem-animal and its iridescent fanned feathers.

Where did Marc Lalique get his crystal from?

In 1968, Marc Lalique was inspired by a piece of jewelry designed by René Lalique to create the motif decorating the stems and decanter stopper in the Roxane glass service. This motif is very delicately sculpted in satin-finished crystal. Handmade in France.

What did Lalique make in the 20th century?

During the first half of the twentieth century, Lalique produced perfume bottles, vases (about 300 designs), hood ornaments (30 designs), and decorative glass works, such as inkwells, bookends, and paperweights.