What is the fees of St Xavier school Jaipur?

What is the fees of St Xavier school Jaipur?

St. Xavier’s School Fees: Fee Structure & Details

Particulars Quarterly Fees Annual
School fee (std. I) 15100 60400
School fee (std. II to VIII) 13850 55400
School fee (std. IX & X) 13950 55800
School fee (std. XI & XII) 15850 63400

What is the meaning of St Xavier’s school?

The school was founded in 1860 by the Society of Jesus, an all-male Catholic religious order. The school is named after St. Francis Xavier, a Spanish Jesuit saint.

How can I get admission in St Xaviers school Jaipur?

Xavier’s School, Nevta. All applications for admission to the school must be made on the prescribed forms. Application to class 1 must be submitted not later than the date indicated on the application form or as found in the bulletin board in the School Office.

Who is the chairman of St Xavier’s school?

G. S. Pattnaik holds the office as the Managing Director. Being an acclaimed educationist of national repute, a caring benefactor and an able captain, he has been most successfully steering the Xavierian ship and exploring all possibilities to spread education countrywide.

Is St Xavier’s Collegiate school coed?

Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata is an all-boys’ day school affiliated with the Council for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (CICSE), New Delhi. The school was established in 1860 by the missionaries of the Society of Jesus and named after St. Francis Xavier.

Who was the founder of St Xavier High School?

History. In 1993, the Jesuit Fr. Peter Daniel began this school mainly for the low caste Dalit working children. The school is in a very underdeveloped area of the Jesuit Darsi Mission, in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, and accommodates more than 500 children.

How many St Xaviers schools are there in India?

In India The Society of Jesus has founded 118 Primary & Middle Schools, 149 High Schools, 58 University Colleges, 22 Technical Institutes and 16 Business Administrations Institutes with 11,525 teachers, educating 3,34,538 students, belonging to every social class, community and linguistic group.

Why St Xavier’s College is the best?

Xavier’s is one of the best undergraduate colleges in Mumbai and is very well known for its courses in Arts, Humanities, Mass Media and Business Studies. Consistently featuring in the Top Ten lists of best colleges across the country, St. It is a Jesuit college and was formed 148 years ago in 1869.

Is St Xavier’s expensive?

Xavier’s College Mumbai is a affordable college. The yearly fees is not more than 8000 rupees (depending upon the courses). So, if you are planning for this college. Go for it, as it can called as a good college in affordable fees.

When was St Xavier’s School, Bhopal established?

The school was established in the year 1982 under the patronage of the Archbishop Late Dr. Eugene D’Souza. It was earlier a Boys’ School, but to cater to the need of time, and under the guidance of the then Principal, Late Fr. Samuel Kavil in the year 1992-93 the school went into co-education.

Which is the best secondary school in Bhopal?

St. Xaviers Senior Secondary Co-ed School is an English Medium Religious Minority Educational Institution situated in the heart of BHEL, Bhopal. The school was established in the year 1982 under the patronage of the then Archbishop Late Dr. Eugene D Souza.

What are transaction fees for St Xaviers School?

Transaction fees charged would be borne by cardholder for any payment. FOR EXAMPLE – ADMISSION NO IS – 12390 USER NAME WILL BE – STXS12390.