What is the fastest time to beat Zelda breath of the wild?

What is the fastest time to beat Zelda breath of the wild?

According to Speedrun.com, the current record to complete Breath of the Wild at any percent in the original game is a nippy 26m 0s, but if you want to 100% the title, it’ll take a whopping 18h 26m 27s (and that’s the fastest).

What is the fastest speedrun for Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?

13 seconds
A speedrunner recently broke the Ocarina of Time world record for fastest completion time, finishing their playthrough with 13 seconds to spare.

How fast can you beat Ocarina of Time?

Remember, this Zelda story typically takes 26 to 37 hours to complete, depending on how many sidequests players complete. Going through the game start to finish in 15 minutes or less is over a 1000 percent decrease in time.

What is the world record for Ocarina of Time?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, has had its Any Percent world record smashed once again – 23 years after release. The fasted time that a player has got to the end of the game is now just six minutes 53 seconds and 950 milliseconds, which is 33 milliseconds shorter than the previous record.

Who beat Botw the fastest?

According to figures provided by Speedrun.com, as of 19 March 2020 rcdrone topped the leaderboard with a time of 28 minutes 15 seconds.

How long would it take to complete Breath of the Wild?

A completionist playthrough of Breath of the Wild can take upwards of 200 hours, but you can beat The Pathless in just five hours. Any exploration that comes after is the icing on the cake.

What is Botw 100%?

Like the Three Heart Challenge and speedruns, 100% Completion is an optional challenge for The Legend of Zelda series. In order to have a 100% completed file, it must contain all Heart Containers, upgrades, items, and collectibles.

Can you get 100% Botw?

There is no overall completion percentage for other activities in the game – but you’ll also be able to track how many Main Quests, Side Quests, and Shrine Quests you have completed out of the total amount in your Adventure Log. NOTE: It is important to know that there is NO REWARD for a 100% completion rate.