What is the difference between FIMO Soft and Fimo professional?

What is the difference between FIMO Soft and Fimo professional?

Unlike FIMO soft and other sorts of FIMO, FIMO professional has a firmer consistency. This gives the clay more dimensional stability, making it exceptionally well-suited to highly detailed artwork. Thanks to the pure pigments of our True Colours, the brilliant colours can be mixed exactly.

Is FIMO a plasticine?

Fimo is a high quality brand of polymer clay. This is not plasticine or play doh, this is used by polymer clay artists and professionals as well as hobbyists.

What is the difference between FIMO and Fimo kids?

The FIMO variety for kids FIMO kids is exceptionally soft. Users often talk about “FIMO dough for kids” or “FIMO playdough for kids” – but FIMO is a modelling clay. The CE-certified modelling clay is designed specially for children’s hands, allowing creative little ones to make unique works of art in an instant.

What is FIMO used for?

It is used for making many objects, including jewelry, accessories, and small ornaments. Once shaped, Fimo is baked in a standard or toaster oven for about 30 minutes at 130 °C (265 °F) to harden it. Once baked, it can be cut, drilled, painted, sanded, and sliced thinly.

Which is better FIMO or Sculpey?

As it is based on true colours, Fimo Professional is perfect for colour mixing. Firmer than Fimo Soft. Premo Sculpey. Quickly reaches a workable state with minimal conditioning and remains soft and pliable.

Is FIMO good for kids?

FIMO kids is particularly soft, easy to shape yet dimensionally stable at the same time – that’s what makes this oven-hardening modelling clay ideal for children’s use. This enables an easy, practical and dust-free storage of any left-over bits of clay until next use.

What age is Fimo kids for?

Are there any age limits for FIMO kids? The oven-hardening modelling clay FIMO kids is suitable for children from the age of 8. When crafting together, parents can best help their children by handling the oven-baking process and then handing the hardened toy over when it’s ready.

What are the different FIMO effects?

FIMO effect modelling clay from STAEDTLER is available in 36 colours and eight effects (glow, glitter, transparent, stone, metallic, pastel, gemstone, pearl). Special feature: the various colours all create some great effects.

How long does FIMO last?

If it is stored correctly, polymer clay lasts indefinitely (a decade or longer). However, it can dry out and it’s possible to ruin it under certain conditions.