What is the difference between e surface and Kodak metallic?

What is the difference between e surface and Kodak metallic?

E-Surface is standard like Lustre. Metallic is just that–metallic. IMHO, the metallic isn’t a good catch-all paper. It’s best suited to certain subjects.

What is E surface color paper?

E-surface paper—also called luster, satin, pearl, and sometimes semi-gloss—is a premium finish on a heavier paper. It’s normally the number one choice for photographers. It boasts accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction, and great intensity.

Is metallic photo paper better?

Metallic paper is also really durable. Photos printed in a metallic finish are incredibly defined and sharp, but because the metallic paper has a slight shimmer to it, it’s best framed without glass.

What is the difference between paper and metallic photos?

The Lustre photo paper is popular choice offering realistic color reproductions with a lustre finish whereas Metallic paper, also known as Fuji Pearl tends to print brighter brights and higher contrasts with a glossy metallic finish.

What does E surface mean?

E surface is the standard pearl finished surface that you see in most wedding albums and enlargements. It has a pebble like resin coating on the surface. If you order matte finish from the drug store lab, the corner lab, or Kodak or Fuji processes you will get a similar finish.

What is E photo paper?

E-PHOTO papers are genuine photo papers for digital printing that are water-resistant even without additional lamination and show absolutely no whitebreak. Brilliant and long-lasting print results can now be achieved on digital printers/presses, both dry toner and liquid toner.

Is Mpix better than Snapfish?

Mpix is more expensive for 4×6 prints, but for larger prints like 5×7 or 8×10 their price seems cheaper than Kodak or Snapfish or even Walmart. For average everyday print I would just go to the local Walmart or CVS and take advantage of their 1 hour photo service.

Is Shutterfly high quality?

Shutterfly. Shutterfly offers a huge selection of media on which you can print your photos, but its image quality is mediocre and its prices are high for larger prints.

Are Mpix photos glossy or matte?

Perfect for those who love to pore over the details, Giclee Prints offer your photos ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors on your choice of four premium paper options, Deep Matte Prints, Fine Art Prints, & Semi or High Gloss Prints.