What is the definition of Marmoreal?

What is the definition of Marmoreal?

: of, relating to, or suggestive of marble or a marble statue especially in coldness or aloofness.

How do you use Marmoreal in a sentence?

Sentences Mobile She flirts perilously with grotesqueness, making faces that turn her marmoreal beauty into splenetic ugliness. Washed by the sun, its marmoreal figures have a ghostly luminescence at dusk, a blinding white sheen by day.

What does my pelf mean?

(pĕlf) Wealth or riches, especially when dishonestly acquired. [Middle English, from Medieval Latin pelfra, pelfa, probably from Old French pelfre; see pilfer.]

What does Petable mean?

: capable of, fit for, or worthy of being petted.

What is the meaning of Molave?

1 : a large Philippine timber tree (Vitex littoralis) 2 : the valuable durable heavy hard yellow wood of the molave tree.

What is a coterie mean?

: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose a coterie of artists a coterie of astronomers. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About coterie.

What does it mean to repine?

intransitive verb. 1 : to feel or express dejection or discontent : complain. 2 : to long for something.

Is Petable a word?

PETABLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is Pettable legit?

Pettable is a legitimate provider of genuine documents that meet state and federal ESA letter requirements. To get an emotional support animal letter from Pettable, you must be evaluated by a licensed mental health professional to determine if you qualify for an emotional support animal.

What is the use of molave?

Molave, being one of the hardest woods, is used in railroad ties, ship-building, wagon-making, bridges, cabinet, carabao yokes, cog-wheels, inserted cogs, saltwater piles, plane stocks, sugar mills, sculpture, and carving wooden tools, tool handles, novelties, agricultural implements, and high-grade construction where …

What is like the molave?

The poem states that whilst many Filipinos are achieving great things for their country, there is still much more to be done and more residents must contribute to the efforts. In short, Like The Molave is about inspiring the Filipino nation to improve their country and make it self-sufficient.

How tall is the Cascata delle Marmore waterfall?

The Cascata delle Marmore ( Italian: [kaˈskaːta delle ˈmarmore]) or Marmore Falls is a man-made waterfall created by the ancient Romans. Its total height is 165 m (541 feet), making it the tallest man-made waterfall in the world.

What is the meaning of the adjective Marmorate?

The obscure adjective marmorate, meaning “veined like marble,” dates to the 16th century and hasn’t seen much use since. Recent Examples on the Web The marmoreal cool of Debbie Harry and the band’s razor-sharp duds plastered across TV screens helped define the nascent new wave genre, which would set the tone for many a mallrat’s wardrobe.

What does marmoreal mean in an early elegy?

Early elegies alternate an almost marmoreal calm with twig-in-the-wind helplessness. councillor or counsellor? Drag the correct answer into the box.